December 17th, 2014

Dunkin Donuts Manager Passes

by Christopher O'Brien

Phillip Comer, a longtime manager at the original Dunkin Donuts on Wolcott Road passed away on Friday at Ingraham Manor in Bristol. He’s a well known fixture in the Wolcott community and became a close friend to many of his employees and customers.

A gathering of friends will take place at Della Vecchiia Funeral Home at 690 Woodtick Road on Saturday, December 27th from 11 am- 2 pm.

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December 10th, 2014

Volunteers Needed to Set Carolling Record

by Christopher O'Brien

christmasClipart1The hours are fading if you’d like to help Wolcott make a huge holiday statement in a beautiful way.

Voices from Wolcott residents will fill the air this Saturday to spread holiday cheer and potentially set a new World’s Record for most carolers in a single event. The event begins at 4 pm at Wolcott High School, but participants must pre-register by midnight tonight at

Local resident and former Miss Wolcott Stacy Perrone is organizing the effort to instill Christmas spirit and a sense of pride. “This is a great way to give back to the community,” she told Michael Bruce in an recent interview on WLCT96. She is hoping that at least 2000 carolers show up so that Wolcott has a chance to break the world record for number of carolers in a single event. That record is currently held by Waukesha, Wisconsin after 1822 carolers took the crown from Westport when they set a record in 2002 with 502 carolers. A committee is assisting with this effort.

Registrataion on site will start at 2 pm at Wolcott High school. Carolling will begin at 4 pm through the Kalko Drive neighborhood. Hot chocolate will be provided by the Wolcott Community Bible Church. Streets in the area will be closed to allow the procession to proceed safely. Should there be inclement weather, then the event will the next day, Sunday the 14th.

Residents – as well as area visitors and guests are invited to participate, but are asked to sign up by midnight tonight.

Any questions, please contact Ms. Perrone at 203-228-7305.

November 5th, 2014

Sampson; Markley Win Re-election

by Christopher O'Brien

Wolcott’s legislative duo nicknamed “Wolcott’s Taxfighting Team” easily cruised to new terms in the state legislature Tuesday evening according to state party officials and several media sources. Full results have not yet been posted to the Secretary of State’s websire as of 5:00 am, and are not posted on the Town website.

A reported shortage of ballots at a Wolcott polling place likely resulted in a lengthier count Tuesday evening and delay in reporting the results. Southington results also were not posted.

Markley easily cruised to re-election against a challenge by Working Families candidate Christopher Robertson.

November 4th, 2014

Amend the State Constitution for Voting? No!

by Christopher O'Brien

vote boxConstitutional Amendment: No!

A careful reading of today’s question to amend Connecticut’s Constitution to allow more reasons for absentee ballots is needed before you vote on this question. Voting yes may lead to computerized voting and other venues where vote tampering, corruption or just plain human or errors by technology can occur. Recall last year when millions of Americans’ credit and debit card numbers were stolen by shopping at Target? What happens if the same occurs with your vote?

November 4th, 2014

Endorsment: Esty a Politician, Not a Leader

by Christopher O'Brien

By Chris O’Brien

Every two years we reflect upon our elected representative’s records to see if they deserve to be re-elected for another two years. It is difficult to find reasons why Rep. Elizabeth Esty deserves a contract renewal.

Early in her first term, while acknowledging that the law is imperfect, she trumpeted the benefits of Obamacare. As many of us are forced to change the health insurance and low premiums we used to have, I have never heard of a single attempt by Rep. Esty to improve the law. What happened? To date, we know of no proposals to improve the law. Mark Greenberg, has proposals on his website that will reduce insurance premiums.


I was hopeful when she held several forums to hear concerns about the terrible situation in Syria. I went to one of these forums with a newspaper article describing the capabilities of some organizations we could support and we had a good conversation for a few minutes discussing our options. As ISIS has grown into a world threat, she continues to say that “something must be done” about the terror organization, but only says what she won’t do. She won’t commit ground troops. She won’t approve money to support opposition rebels. She won’t push Turkey to take a role or our own President to do what’s necessary. There’s no question that our nation is war-weary and that our current military infrastructure relies too heavily on reservists. However, as time moves on – we have seen that ISIS is consuming the Middle East, threatens our allies in Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, and the Egyptian government, and will soon attack Western nations. She has acknowledged a dangerous threat to our national security but has become the representative of “no”. No solutions. We need a leader willing to take a risk here for our own safety.

When it comes to domestic policy, I’ve never heard her propose changes to our tax policies that drivenbusinesses overseas. We all know that Social Security will go broke in a few years yet she hasn’t seem to have any drive to fix that either. I’m 35 years old and know it won’t be around if I or my peers need it when we retire. I’m also old enough to remember that the eligibility age was once raised without hurting seniors who were eligible.

In contrast, I’m impressed that Mark Greenberg is willing to tackle these very difficult challenges. He may not have all the answers but as an experienced entrepreneur he seeks out input for the best solutions. He is willing to find a solution to Social Security and as a man with five young children will have his eyes set on improving our nation for the future.

Ms. Esty has proven herself an adept politician, but she is not a leader. While he is not as polished a politician, Mark Greenberg is the leader we need for the challenges America faces today. He will have my vote on Election Day and deserves your’s.

November 4th, 2014

The Most Important Offices to Vote For

by Christopher O'Brien

By Chris O’Brien
Secretary of State: The SOTS is responsible for collecting election information, overseeing the election process- although much of this role is delegated to individual towns. They also register businesses and assist businesses navigate requirements the state has for businesses. Peter Lumaj – an immigrant from formerly Communist Albania truly undertands the meaning of American Democracy and wants to restore it. HE is calling for teeth to election enforcement laws that can restore the integrity of the voting process.

November 3rd, 2014

2014 Voting Guide and Endorsements

by Christopher O'Brien

Below are links to articles about this year’s election. It includes a copy of the ballot you’ll see at all Wolcott polling places, information about each elected office and the Amendment question on the ballot.

1. Wolcott Ballot and polling places.

2. About each office and our Endorsements

3. State Representative Race: Rob Sampson responds to Mazurek attack mailers

4. Should We Amend the State Constitution?

5. Not Registered to Vote? Here’s how you can still vote on Election Day.

November 3rd, 2014

Wolcott Ballot

by Christopher O'Brien

Below is the ballot which will be used for all three voting locations in town. The polling locations are the same as usual and are as follows:

District 1 – Tyrrell School gym (park to the left of the school), Todd Rd.

District 2 – Wolcott High School gym – 457 Boundline Rd.

District 3 – Wakelee School gym (park in the rear)  Hempel Drive


October 26th, 2014

Debunked Claims Pushed Against Greenberg

by Christopher O'Brien

Voters are advised to be on alert against a phone scam against Mark Greenberg.

The Republican candidate is crying foul over tactics being used by a variety of Democratic organizations working to support the re-election of 5th District U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty.

The Litchfield Republican, challenging Esty’s bid for a second term, says he has been the victim of “push polls” – telephone calls that spread negative attacks about a candidate under the guise of being a legitimate research survey.

Esty’s campaign has emphatically denied involvement in or knowledge of push polls, but a common narrative has emerged in the way that Esty’s campaign, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the House Majority PAC and the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee have attacked Greenberg.

Material used in the “push polls” Greenberg cites mirrors information included in a 99-page “opposition research book” prepared by the DCCC. Some of it has also been used in a voter guide and TV ads aired by the House Majority PAC, DCCCand the Esty campaign itself, including a persistent line of attack on Social Security that the Hartford Courant has labeled “false.”


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October 26th, 2014

Most Important Races in Connecticut

by Christopher O'Brien

By Chris O’Brien

Are you happy with Connecticut?
Is there something we should change? You have less than 10 days to GET INVOLVED and CHANGE IT!
That’s only 3 weekend days.

Here are the most important elections this year by priority:
vote box1. State Legislature

Taxes, education, healthcare, road construction – its all taking place in this body. Are there regulations on your professional licensures or curriculum in the schools that are a bit out of sync? You want to pay attention to who is running in the legislature. These campaigns often have less than 3-5 people involved and would be greatful for the difference you can make in these important races. Democrats have controlled the legislature for 20 years and their policies are our policies today. Want change? This is where the action is, and since every candidate is nearby your home they are the most accessible.

2. State Treasurer
They do more than handle the