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August 14th, 2009

Beach Rd. Traffic Light Now Turns Left

by LonSeidman

Electricians took the bulk of Friday installing a new traffic light at the Rt. 69 and Beach Rd. intersection. The new light will have a turn arrow allowing traffic to turn left from Beach Rd. north onto Rt. 69. A similar turn signal already exists from Center St. to turn left onto southbound Wolcott Rd.

Rt. 69’s turn signals will stay the same. Turning left onto Beach Rd. will still be allow with the turn signal. There will not be a turn signal from southbound Rt. 69 onto Center St.

This light was the result of requests by Councilman Fran Masi that have finally come to fruition. He has made sure that the progress towards making the intersection safer have progressed to the installment of the new light. Rep. Mazurek worked on making the state level request with the DOT.

Another project in town may be dependent on the state budget. A public hearing was held this past spring to reconform the intersection of Woodtick Rd. with Wolcott Rd. in the north end. That intersection currently comes at an angle which was improved a few years ago, but sometimes it is still dificult to pull into Wolcott Rd. it is a busy intersection, particularly when Alcott School is released at 3 pm. School busses must make wide turns here. It is currently unclear when this project will be completed pending future state funding.