Police Sergeant Exonerated of Accusations

by LonSeidman

A State Police investigation has exonerated Wolcott Sgt. Brian Thies of any sexual wrongdoing in February. He was accused of engaging in a lewd act in February after he accidentally keyed his radio microphone while laying down in pain from an illness. Audible noise heard over the radio were somehow interpreted as sexual intonations. Since the allegations were made at the time, Thies has maintained his innocence. The State Police investigation backs him up. A Wolcott internal affairs investigation conducted in February also cleared Thies at that time, but because of a slew of other complaints surrounding other officers, the Town decided to have the State Police conduct an investigation of their own so the results would be cleared of any bias.

Since the allegations were made, many of Thies family members have supported him through the ordeal, some sending letters to the Town Council and Wolcott Community News. Its very unfortunate that the police report took so long, yet hopefully this is one step that will begin the healing of a Department that has experienced a series of problems this year. To their credit, officers including Thies have come to work and performed their duties with professionalism throughout this and other investigations.

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