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November 30th, 2009

Returning Soon

by LonSeidman

Sorry the Whisper hasn’t been updated frequently lately. I am currently on vacation around New England for Thanksgiving break.

Three residents have already expressed interest in contributing to the Whisper and we welcome their upcoming articles. If you are interested in writing articles or brief opinion, please send us an e-mail.

November 22nd, 2009

Spiotti Fundraiser Today at Red Door

by LonSeidman

Music and food will be on hand to help Officer Brian Spiotti raise money today at the Red Door in Watertown. Spiotti was arrested earlier this year on allegations of assault after he arrested a suspect.

Differing allegations have been made surrounding the justification of Spiotti’s arrest as his court case moves forward. Spiotti is a 12 year veteran of the Wolcott Police Department and has been looked up to by many youth in Wolcott as a role model. Most recently in court, Spiotti’s request for accelerated rehabilitation was denied by a judge even though this is a common offer made by the state for first time offenders. The judge in the case stated that he felt police officers should be held to a higher standard. Given that this case may move to a trial, the need for financial support in Spiotti’s legal bills is ever more pressing.

Tickets will be available at the door. The fundraiser will be from noon until 6 pm. The Red Door is located on Main St. in Watertown in the center of town just south of St. John’s Church.

November 18th, 2009

My Message to the Town Council

by LonSeidman

During Taxpayers’ time, I gave the following message to the Town Council. The following isn’t what I said verbatim but what I intended to say:

Good Evening.
Myself and Mr. Santagotta went through a re-canvas last Monday evening after a close vote in the Third Voting District. Of course I would have been happier if the results were different, but I think because the outcome was the same, it proves that our voting system is reliable and works very well. It may be cliche’ that “every vote counts”, but it should be emphasized how often close elections actually occur. The Secretary of State’s office didn’t have exact figures when I called them, but at least 30 towns had recounts this year. Here in Wolcott, three different races were decided by less than 30 votes and this was the second municipal election in a row where we had a recount.

According to anecdotal reports around the state, it seems that recounts only overturn an election when human error is involved. I think that speaks to the kind of people we have as moderators and registrars of voters in overseeing the elections. From what I saw as an observer during our recount, it seems that everything was handled very professionally. Of course, having the opportunity to witness

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November 16th, 2009

Town Council Agenda: 11/17

by LonSeidman

The new Town Council will meet tommorow night. Below is a general ist of topics to be discussed:

1. Approval of a grant for energy conservation upgrades.
2. STEAP grant for renovation and addition to Fire Company #2
3. Request by Town Clerk to appoint sub-registrars
– This deals with the ability for funeral homes to obtain permits over the weekend and other days when Town Hall is not open
4. Discussion on use of funds for purchasing computer equipment at the police department.
5. Discussion and possible action regarding the Board of Education’s contract with School Administrators

This is the first meeting for the new Council. Some of the items above were already discussed by the previous Council. For example, the Council previously approved the acceptance of federal money to be given to the police department to buy computers for the detective bureau which currently writes all of its reports by hand. But the Conucil now must hire someone to do this work.

There is time for residents to speak their mind about items on the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. Any resident may discuss any topic at the end of the meeting as well.

November 12th, 2009

Education Board Selects Leaders

by LonSeidman

On Tuesday night the newly elected Wolcott Board of Education met for the first time. The new board, elected on November 3rd, consists of five Republican members and four Democrats. The composition of the new board represents a shift from

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November 11th, 2009

Applebees Serves Free Meals To Vets Today

by LonSeidman

If you or a relative is a veteran or active duty member of the armed forces, Applebees is serving free meals in thanks for your service. Those who served need only to present any proof of service. Proof may be anything from a service ID card to a leave earnings statement, a veterans service organization card or a photograph in uniform. (click link for more detail).

The company is encouraging those to allow them to thank you for your service.

November 11th, 2009

Open Mic Tonight – 5 Guys

by LonSeidman

5 Guys Flippin Pies pizza restaurant will have their first ever open mic night at the restaurant this evening. Call 879-5GUY for more information.

November 11th, 2009

Veterans Day Ceremony Today

by LonSeidman

Congressman Chris Murphy is expected to attend a Veterans Day Ceremony on the Green today at 11:00. Acting Mayor Santogatta also is expected to attend. Veterans Day used to be called Armistice Day, which was the day a treaty was signed ending the first World War. The treaty was signed at the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year. The holiday marks those who died in that war and every war since.

Be sure to thank all of ou soldiers, past and present for the sacrifices they have made in thier personal, family, and public lives for the sake of the rest of our freedom. Remember that not all veterans have grey hair. Many are as young as 18, 19, or in their 20s and 30s and have served in Aghanistan, Iraq, and in any of a number of large and small conflicts over the years. When a soldier or sailer signs up for service, they understand that they will be at the mercy of world and political events that they cannot control. And yet they go anyway.

Remember to give thanks on this solemn day.

November 10th, 2009

Town-Wide Cleanup This Saturday

by LonSeidman

The Town-wide cleanup will be this Saturday at various locations across Wolcott from 8 am until 3:30 pm. Neighborhood captains are contacting their neighbors to inform them of the local drop-off locations. Neighbors are being asked to cleanup the area along their streets, streams and brooks in their areas. Items such as couches and refrigeratiors are also being targeted. For more information, contact Darlene Tynan at Town Hall.

November 8th, 2009

Recount, Swearing in on Monday at Town Hall

by LonSeidman

Monday will be a busy day at Town Hall. Mayor Thomas Dunn will be sworn in or his fourth term as the town’s independent mayor at noon. The public is invited.

Mayor Dunn won his re-election bid with 86% of the vote over Democrat George Babcock. Dunn hopes to work on revising the Town Charter so that money can be better saved and local govenment can work more efficiently and respond to residents better. During the campaign he has promised to continue to propose lean budgets and to work with whomever the voters elect.

Dunn will now be working with an unusual make up of 3 Democrats, 1 Republican, 2 candidates who ran as a group on Row C, and 2 more residents who ran independently for the Town Council. Michael Santogatta was elected Chairman on the Town Council this past Wednesday. Yet, his seat is being contested because 1 term Councilman Christopher O’Brien lost to Santogatta by only 22 votes. State Statutes require an automatic recount of the votes when the margin is under 0.5% of the ballots cast. That recount is scheduled for 4 pm. The public may view the recount.

Election night was a confusing night for both candidates. Some numbers, including those initially collected at Republican Headquarters showed O’Brien initially winning the race. Later, Channel 96 reported numbers that showed both O’Brien and fellow Republican Rachel Wisler winning a seat in the 2nd Town Council District race against Michael Perrone.

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