H1N1 Flu Clinic Thursday

by LonSeidman

A free H1N1 flu clinic will be held at the Tyrrell School Cafeteria this Thursday from 4:30 – 7:30. Anyone may revieve a flu shot. Use the lower driveway entrance.

This information was given out in a Code Red phone message Tuesday evening.

The CDC has advised that pregnant women and elderly get the H1N1 shot when the height of the swine flu was spreading in late summer. However, they strangely are asking that those yonuger than 6 not get the shot. Common sense would dictate that pregnant women should be very cautious when they consider getting this flu shot. There has been anecdotal evidence that the H1N1 shot has caused miscarriages. If children younger than 6 are being asked not to recieve the shot, then one should wonder what it may do to an unborn child. You should consult your doctor as to whether or not children or pregnant women should receive the shot.

Thus far there have been two waves of the H1N1 virus. The first one was in May of last year near the close of the school year. A second wave has been making its way through the population through this past fall. While the media has reported almost any death that has occurred, the H1N1 virus has actually caused far fewer deaths than the seasonal flu. Almost all of those patients died as a result of other pre-existing illnesses and have mainly been elderly.

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