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March 24th, 2010

Jane Doe No More Presentation Thursday

by LonSeidman

Donna Palomba will give a presentation at the Tyrrell School Auditorium Thursday night entitled “Jane Doe No More”. The presentation details the ordeal of going through a sexual assault and how police officers in one instance ignored the case of one woman who was assaulted in her own home. Police mistreated the woman and even arrested her until a detective saw the problem and began the healing process from her traumatic ordeal.

The lecture will be presented by Ms. Palomba, Wolcott Police Chief Neil O’Leary and Miss Wolcott Becky Albini. A $10 donation for the Jane Doe No More foundation is requested.

All residents are invited to attend. The story is moving and should be heard by men, women, children and especially those who work in the medical and law enforcement communities.

March 21st, 2010

When I Grow Up…

by LonSeidman

Every little boy wants to be a fireman. Teenagers aged 14 – 18 can have that opportunity to join Company 4 Monday night as the Wolcott Volunteer Fire Department holds an open house for its explorer program at Company 3 on Lyman Rd. Teens and their parents are invited to watch the regular members conduct a drill and ask questions about joining WVFD’s Company 4 squad. Refreshments will be served. The open house will be from 7pm – 9pm

March 21st, 2010

One Vote May Decide Health Care: Rep. Murphy’s

by LonSeidman

Congressman Murphy’s staff is in the DC office and taking your opinion on the bill today. Call them at (202) 225-4476 so they can pass along your opinion before the vote.

In a long anticipated final vote, the House of the US Congress will vote on the 2409 page healthcare bill at noon today. According to the Democratic caucus chair, there will be 216 members of Congress in favor of the bill and 215 who will vote against. Republicans say that Democrats don’t have the “hard number” of votes. That means that any single member can hold the fate of healthcare in the country in their hands today. Even if one of the 231 members doesn’t show up may swing the outcome. Only on Friday Wolcott’s congressman Christopher Murphy of Cheshire annonuced that he will vote in favor of the bill. The bill is th US Senate’s version and already passed that body on Christmas.

Murphy makes this announcment despite acknowledging that constituents are about 50-50 in support and opposition of the bill. Murphy held a series of town hall meetings in the fall of 2009, including two in Waterbury and to an auditorium full of people at Shepaug HS in Washington, CT. All forums had residents of the 5th district holding strong views against the healthcare bill as well as some people currently without healthcare hoping that Congress could change things. One of the main reasons many favor healthcare reform is that pre-existing conditions prevent many from gaining insurance. Many who are opposed to the bill acknowledge that reform is necessary, however the current bill is draconian, and goes far beyond changes that should be much simpler than included in this bill.

One resident directly asked Murphy at the Shepaug forum whether he would vote with his district or according to the Democratic Party. Murphy replied “I will vote with my constituents,” at which the room applauded.


Republicans have argued that simple changes such as allowing insuance companies to sell insurance across state lines would allow for more competition and lower costs. Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania agreed with this assessment "One thing's for sure- if we could do this over again, selling insurance across state lines should have been included," he said on the Huckabee program Saturday evening. Another idea to reduce costs is that the government step in only one when a person's financial burden reaches a certain threshold. This would allow

Funding abortion with federal funds, or even funds that come throguh the federal system has been hotly contested. "I'm offering a way to solve this. The arguement is to solve healthcare, but in order to solve it I've offered ways to solve it." says Rep. Stupack of Michigan indicating the adoption of his langauge in the bill would garner more votes and a more solid consensus on the healthcare measure. Stupack ensured that abortions would not be covered under the original bill the House passed in 2009. However, the Senate amended that bill with less regulated language which Stupack and the Catholic Church say allow abortions. Abortion language is on pages 118-126 of the bill. (Can you figure it out?)

Democrats agree that the bill isn't perfect and would require a second bill to correct the bad sections. The Whisper says that we've been working on this since July 2009. Why not fix the imperfections from the outset rather than pass an imperfection? That's like telling a high school student to turn in their rough draft as a final copy for a grade -they can redeem it later, even though you've had 8 months to write it. Kill this bill and start from scratch passing individual and small ideas on their merit. The present bill still contains $100 million for a new UConn health center. The current hospital is rarely ever at capacity as it is whereas many of Connecticut's hospitals have patients waiting for days to get a room when they need to be admitted. In addition, there are plenty of things the Congress can do short of even addressing the abortion issue. What do you think? Call Representative Murphy, then leave a comment below.

Its not too late yet, and anything can happen, even a likely free for all to delay the vote or switch votes. Call Rep. Murphy’s office TODAY to express your opinion: 202-225-4476. His staff is answering the phone and taking tallies to pass on to the representative. E-mail:

March 19th, 2010

Democrats Faceoff Tonight

by LonSeidman

Tonight six Democrats competing for the right to lead the State of Connecticut for the next four years will be featured in an informational forum on Channel 30. The event airs live at 7 pm.

The event will include Waterbury Mayor Michael Jarjura who has expressed an interest in the state’s top job. Jarjura has experience as a state legislator and assistant Attorney General. It will also include:

•Former state legislator Juan Figueroa, who has taken a leave from his role as president of Universal Health Care Foundation
•Simsbury First Selectwoman Mary Glassman
•Former U.S. Senate candidate Ned Lamont
•Former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy
•Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi

Last night eight Republicans tackled the state budget deficit, tolls, the death penalty and other issues.

The Whisper will ask you which of the Democrats impressed you and which didn’t after the debate tonight.

March 18th, 2010

Governor’s Forum Poll

by LonSeidman

Eight Republicans talked about their plans for Connecticut in a one hour forum on Channel 30. Rather than ask who won the debate, let’s consider who impressed you with the way they presented themselves and their ideas…. And – who do you think is not worthy of consideration to be Governor?

March 18th, 2010

Candidates to Debate Tonight

by LonSeidman

Quinnipiac University released a new poll today showing that few voters have decided who they want to support for the next Governor for our state. While Republican Tom Foley and Democrat Ned Lamont both share similar leads around 30% of support, most 50% of Republicans and 44% of Democrats answered that they didn’t know who they wanted to vote for. Both parties hold conventions near the end of May to nominate a candidate, but even that paty endorsement may lead to a three month campaign.

What is known is that there are diferences between the 8 Republicans and 6 Democrats seeking the nomination, and Channel 30 will flush out their plans in two debates this week. Republicans will face off tonight at 7 pm. Democrats get their turn Friday evening. Be sure to tune in. Feel free to comment on the Whisper during and after the debate to discuss what issues you think are most important to talk about and if the candidats address them. Finally, we’ll be polling you on who you think won the debate.

In Wolcott, the Republican Town Committee has already had appearances from Mike Fidele and Mark Boughton.

The Republicans seeking the nomination are:

Christopher Duffey Acevedo – Financial analyst from Branford
Mark Boughton – Danbury Mayor
Larry Denardis – former US Congressman
MIke Fidele – Lt. Governor
Tom Foley – former Ambassador to Ireland
Oz Greibel – Greater Hartford development businessman
Tom Marsh – Chester First Selectman
Jeff Wright – Newington Mayor

March 15th, 2010

Legislature Considers Transportation Bills

by LonSeidman

The Transportation Committee will have an interesting meeting today on whether or not to forward new proposals to the floor of the General Assembly. Among the proposals include placing electronic tolls at the state borders, a stricter ban on cell phones, seatbelts on school buses.

They also will consider a proposal about when a soldier’s or sailor’s license expires, and an open container law.

Some odd legislation SB 345 being considered includes pilot programs for installing traffic cameras at intersections. Pilot program? I think we all know what this is. Its a camera to see if driver’s run through traffic lights. Either you are in favor of such devices or not, but don’t establish a pilot program when such systems already exist in many cities nationwide including New Haven. Rather than set up a brand new system then evaluating it, why not simply use data already in existence from areas that already have such cameras. Certainly New Haven has statistics on how many drivers run red lights and whether or not the presence of the cameras has increased accidents at those intersections. Police accident records could yield those numbers.

Yet, some municipalities like New Haven may choose to install these programs. No big deal right? I mean, the city would install the cameras and reap the benefits from it. In the end, the city makes money off the scheme. right? Well… here’s where the state can’t to steal even more money from local towns to take for itself:

The last paragraph of the bill reads:

One-half of any fine collected by the municipality pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the general fund of the municipality or in any special fund or account of the municipality, as determined by the chief executive officer and legislative body, and one-half shall be paid to the State Treasurer for deposit in the Special Transportation Fund.

March 14th, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

by LonSeidman

While its still raining out, hopefully you can still wear a hat and think its a ‘soft rain’. There will be plenty of Irish happenings this coming week within a half hour of Wolcott, and even a few locally. Hartford had its parade in the rain and New Haven will also have theirs rain or shine. Here’s a list of a few of the local events:

Sunday March 14th
Danbury will host its St. Patrick’s Day Parade beginning at 2:00 pm complete with free hot dogs along the parade route. The Danbury Whalers will get Connecticut pumped up as they make their debut in the Hat City as they skate up the parade route. Irish and Danbury natives The Mighty Ploughboys will entertain at the Irish Cultural Center on Lake Ave. Their music is a blend of the traditional and rock.

New Haven’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade begins at 1:00 pm on Chapel St. The parade route heads towards the Green from Sherman Ave, turns left onto Church St. and then right onto Grove St. The street scene will be tamer this year because city officials intend to crack down on public drinking with $99 fines. Yet, this parade has always been a fun family affair, particularly along Church and Grove St.s which are further away from the starting point near Yale University.

After the parade, a variety of entertainment will take place in various venues and pubs surrounding the Green. The Playwright on Temple St. will host Toronto Celtic Rockers, Enter The Haggis at 3:30 and over at Anna Liffey’s Alternatrad will play its blend of jigs reels and pop music beginning at 3:00. The U2 tribute band, Unforgettable Fire will play late into the evening at the Liffey beginning at 7 pm.

Later this Wednesday, local towns including Wolcott will be honoring a Mayor of the Day. We’re compiling a list of restaurants hosting irish breakfasts and other festive activities. The Ancient Order of Hibernians in Waterbury will host the Police Pipes and Drums Band of Waterbury for a rousing performance at 8:30. Before and after the performance at the AOH on Golden Hill Rd., they will make appearances at Maggie McFly’s in Middlebury.

In the mood for step dancing or a quick drum and pipes beat? Click on any of the links above to hear the music of the bands!

March 9th, 2010

Fundraiser for Dan Malloy

by vmalena

Dan Malloy, the former Mayor of Stamford and potential candidate for Governor, is having a fundraiser tonight, March 9, 2010, in Waterbury.  It will be held at the Ponte Club at Villa Rosa from 6 – 8pm.  Tickets are $50 pp and include food, beer, and wine.

 If you haven’t had a chance to meet Dan, yet, this is a great opportunity to do so.  If you can’t attend, learn more about Dan and his campaign at .

March 9th, 2010

Wave for Wolcott

by vmalena

Okay, this has gone on for far too long and someone (me) has decided to speak up!  Have you ever been in your car, come to a four way stop, and you give a little thank you wave and get ignored?  Have you ever walked into the Dunkin Donuts or Cumberland Farms and say “hi” or “good morning” to the person coming out & get ignored?  Have you ever been in your yard and a “neighborhood” walker comes by and you say “hello” and get ignored?  Have you ever been walking in your neighborhood in the morning and say “good morning” to the kids waiting for the bus and get ignored?  Well, this is not what our small town was founded on!

 Let’s all start a new trend.  I’m calling this initiative “Wave for Wolcott”!  Let’s all try to be a little friendlier to our neighbors, strangers, visitors, or whoever.  Spread the word, spread the wave.