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March 1st, 2010

Residents Request to be on Charter Commission

by LonSeidman

The following residents have submitted letters to the Town Council expressing interest to serve on the Charter Revision Commission. Each name has been matched with the voter list to show party affiliation. The Council will be appointing the Commission at its Tuesday meeting tonight:

Maggie Gugliotti (D)
Cheryl Brundage (D)
Phyllis Bingham (U)
Robert Sheman (R)
William Brown (R)
George Babcock (D)
Wendy Costa (R)
Arline Tansley (D)
Sam Zotto (R)
James Paolino (R)
Roger Harbanuk (D)
Christopher O’Brien (R)
Rachel Wisler (R)
David Fusco (R)
Andrea Lanese (U)
John McCarthy (D)

Republicans – 8
Democrats – 6
Unnaffiliated – 2

March 1st, 2010

Board of Education Meets Tonight

by LonSeidman

Wolcott’s Board of Education meets at the High School’s Resource Center tonight.

They expect to approve the 2010-2011 budget to be presented later to the Town Council.

Rumors that cannot be verified at this late hour have reached the Whisper that Superintendant Macary’s contract will be added to tonight’s agenda for approval.

Respected and recently retired teacher Kathy Cordone wrote a letter to the editor in February’s Wolcott Community News expressing concern about low teacher morale because of Macary’s manner he deals with personnel. So far, the Board of Education has said that “we looked into it and took care of it.” however are not discussing what concerns were brought to their attention or how they were addressed.

The Whisper hopes and would believe that these rumors are not true. First, there is plenty of time to renew Mr. Macary’s contract if they choose to do so. Secondly, the issues concerning teacher morale are very real and need additional investigation.