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March 4th, 2010

Letter: BOE’s Experience Proven by Arbitors

by LonSeidman

Letter To The Editor:

To the Citizens of Wolcott:

There is a reason that towns have Boards of Education to manage their school systems, and it is not left up to Town Councils or Town Meetings. The reason for this is quite simple – education is very different than private business and the significant differences requires a group of elected people who are identified by their community as having an understanding of education manage that entity.

In November, at the very first meeting of the newly elected Town Council in Wolcott, the new members acted quickly to reject the new Administrator’s contract which had been negotiated by the Board of Education over many months with the Administrator’s union. The proposal was for a three year contract with raises of 0%, 3.5%, and 3.5% per year. The Board of Education, then under the Chairmanship of Jim Pape, negotiated this contract after a review of recent contract negotiations in many CT towns similar to Wolcott. It was a fair contract – both to the administrators and for the town. The fact that 0% was agreeable to both sides in year 1, was significantly important as incremental raises would not be compounded until year two, which helps keep the current budget down through the life of the this contract and future contracts. Lower education budgets help keep taxes down for all citizens.

Acting hastily, the new Town Council voted

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March 4th, 2010

Caligiuri Holds Fundraiser Tonight

by LonSeidman

State Senator Sam Caligiuri is holding one of his first public fundraisers tonight at Domar’s Restaurant on Watertown Ave. as he advances his bid to represent Wolcott in the US Congress. Caligiuri currently represents Wolcott as its state senator from the 16th District. A requested minimal donation of $20.10 is requested tonight.

Caligiuri hopes to face US Congressman Chris Murphy in restoring a more local voice of fiscal responsibility in Washington. Yet, he still needs to garner the Republican nomination from a crowded field of five candidates which include Justin Bernier of Plainville, Mark Greenberg of Litchfield, Kie Westbie of Southbury and Bill Evans of Wolcott. Caligiuri is the only candidate currently holding elected office and Wolcott’s Republican Town Committee announced its endorsement of Caligiuri in January.