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March 24th, 2010

Jane Doe No More Presentation Thursday

by LonSeidman

Donna Palomba will give a presentation at the Tyrrell School Auditorium Thursday night entitled “Jane Doe No More”. The presentation details the ordeal of going through a sexual assault and how police officers in one instance ignored the case of one woman who was assaulted in her own home. Police mistreated the woman and even arrested her until a detective saw the problem and began the healing process from her traumatic ordeal.

The lecture will be presented by Ms. Palomba, Wolcott Police Chief Neil O’Leary and Miss Wolcott Becky Albini. A $10 donation for the Jane Doe No More foundation is requested.

All residents are invited to attend. The story is moving and should be heard by men, women, children and especially those who work in the medical and law enforcement communities.