Sewer and Water Bills Not Being Paid

by LonSeidman

The Sewer and Water Commission is looking for a rate increase to cover 11 years of increases in expenses Wolcott has had to pay Waterbury over the years. In addition to covering these costs, many residents are delinquent in their sewer and water taxes. “We’re sending marshals out” Chairman James Paolino told the Town Council at two separate meetings.

If the town were to have a water break, the town has a fund to cover the costs, but with the shortfall in revenue, it has become even more necessary for the town to go after delinquents.

Some Council members have asked if sewer and water usage will be shut off to residents who don’t pay their bills. “You can’t really shut off sewer – it just doesn’t work that way” Paolino said to laughter. But, the town may need to shut off water if necessary to residents who don’t pay up.

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