Body Found in Cheshire

by LonSeidman

A passing trucker found a decomposing body under a tarp on Knotter Rd. in Cheshire today. News reports say that forensics will be needed to identify the body, but the age of a decomposing body likely correleates with that of Cynthia Cannon who was missing for over a week. Hundreds of volunteers have searched in four towns every day since her disappearance. They have searched swampland, forrest and along roadways for any additional clues in the presumed murder. One volunteer found Cannon’s wallet on North Main st. last week.

Speculation shows that it is possible that cannon’s husband may have slept at a motel across from the Truck Stop near where the body was found. According to WFSB 3, the trucker passed the tarp earlier this week and mentioned it to friends who suggeted he check it out. He did so, then called police tonight.

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