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June 28th, 2010

80th District Republicans Hosting Residents

by LonSeidman

Rob Sampson, a candidate for 80th District State Representative will hold another fundraiser tonight at McBride’s Pizza from 5p- 8pm

Alan Giacomi, who is also running for the 80th district is planning a meet & greet at J & M Pizza from 6 – 8 next Wednesday, July 7th.

Both candidates are collecting donations so they can qualify for the Citizens Election Fund. That funding requires them to solicit donations from 150 who live within the 80th General Assembly District. That district comprises all of Wolcott and parts of the Marion and Plantsville sections of Southington.

June 16th, 2010

Rob Sampson Hosts Meet & Greet Tonight

by LonSeidman

Republicans are gearing up in Wolcott to pick their best possible candidates for the August 10th primaries. Robert Sampson and Alan Giacomi will be facing each other in a primary as will three gubernatorial candidates, two lieutenant governor candidates, at least a few candidates for US Congress and perhaps others. Candidate Rob Sampson is hosting the first campaign event in Wolcott this election season tonight at J& M Pizza between 5 and 7:30 pm. Any resident is invited to stop by and ask him ome ask questions of these candidates to see who you think would best represent Wolcott and run our state.

Two months ago the Wolcott and Southington Town Committees held a joint convention where they chose Robert Sampson as their nominee to challenge current state representative John “Corky” Mazurek. However, local attorney Alan Giacomi recieved enough votes to challenge that nomination. The choice now goes to Wolcott and Southington’s 6,000 Republican voters.

State Senate candidate Joe Markley is running for the 16th Senatorial District seat and may also be on hand for the event. Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton plans on stopping by the function to meet Wolcott residents for his bid for lieutenant governor. Candidate for Govenor, Mike Fedele also may make an appearance. Both Boughton and Fedele are facing multi-candidate primaries for their races.

All are welcome to stop by and ask Mr. Sampson why he is running for the state legislature. Give him your concerns and input so you can compare the candidates in this busy election season. A $10 donation is requested for his campaign and food will be provided.

Note: Expect that a number forums and fundraisers will be held in the upcoming weeks. Independents may register for a major party until the day before the August 10th primary in order to vote in that party’s primary. The Whisper will publicize any other candidates’ local fundraisers and forums that Wolcott voters could attend so they can be best informed.

June 9th, 2010

Rabies Clinic This Saturday

by LonSeidman

June’s beautiful weather is a good time to make sure your pet is up to date on his shots and is properly registered. The last place we want our canine and feline friends is behind bars as they decide to go for an adventure. On Saturday from 1 – 3 pm the Town Clerk’s office and Municipal Animal Control Officer will host a Rabies Clinic at. It will take place at the Town Garage behind Frisbee School.

Shots are $10 per pet. Dogs can be registered as well. Non -residents are also welcome. Don’t forget to keep your pet secured on a lease or in the proper carrier. Any questions, please contact Town Clerk Debbie Slater at (203) 879-8100 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (203) 879-8100      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

June 4th, 2010

Weekend Events: Mexican Music and Albanian Food

by LonSeidman

This weekend promises to be a beautiful one, though a chance of thunderstorms may help with the humidity. Here’s a list of some of the events going on this weekend:

All Weekend:
Albanian Festival, 38 Raymond St., Waterbury
This free event will feature dancing, food and culture all weekend long. This is the 5th annual festival sponsored by the Albanian American Moslem Community Center. The event will run Friday until 11pm, Satuday 11 a- 11p, and Sunday from 12 noon until 6 pm. All of the food is home made and some of it has taken days to pepare. Come by to sample dishes of lamb and chicken sishkabobs, rice, vegetables, spinach and cheese pies, baklava and cookies.

Bristol Berry Festival – Imagine Nation Museum, 1 Pleasant St.

Chocolate fountains, jams, jellies and other treats will complement this Strawberry festival. Admission is $6, free for musuem members.

Military Vehicle Show – Golden Age of Trucking Museum
Owners of military vehicles are invited to bring their vehicles to this show from 10 am – 4 pm
Free admission to all active duty military from now to Labor Day to this and the main museum.

Miraculous Picture of Our Lady of Gaudalupe – St. Maria Goretti Church

This miraculous photo – only one of two replica relics in existence will appear at the church from 1 pm until 4. This photo was blessed by Pope John Paul II and the appearance by the Lady was poclaimed as Patroness of the Americas. Mexican musicians will accompany a procession and a brief talk on the photo and miracles surrounding this picture will take place at 2 pm.

Naugatuck’s Duck Day – 11 am -4 pm – A duck race and festival will take place along Water St. Thousands of rubber ducks will race down the river. Tickets for the race will be sold from 11 am- 1 pm. The Rubber City Blues Band will also perform.

All Month Long: Taste of Wolcott
Enjoy pri-fix lunches at $10.10 or dinners for 20.10 from Sunday – Thursday between now and June 30th at the following restaurants:

Bin 300 – 300 Wolcott Rd. 879-5858
J & M Restaurant 1512 Wolcott Rd. 879-2568
JD’s Roadhouse 1189 Wolcott Rd. 879-9554
La Fortuna 388 Wolcott Rd. 879-5128
Mona Lisa Restaurant 10 Wakelee Rd. 879-7300
Limosines Plus 879-0423 – 20% off Limo Service to any participating restaurant!

June 4th, 2010

Pizza Place Closes, May Re-Open

by LonSeidman

Goodfellas’ Pizza on Wolcott Rd. has closed again. After being open last year with a tasty Italian flavor, the latest re-start by another resident has again failed. A note on the door says the business will re-open pending new ownership.

Wolcott already has ten pizza restaurants, seven of them on Wolcott Rd. For many years the “one more” pizza place has been a struggle in a town with only 16,000 residents. Adding to the difficulty of opening a new small business in a tough economy is that many small businesses fail in their first year. Advertising and getting brand new customers in the doors is what will give these busineses promise to stay open or to cut their losses within a few months.

At the Whisper, we regret to see Goodfellas’ latest owner give up on his quest and hope the next one will have a better run. After speaking to the owner, we hoped to give him a little spotlight in this space, but even our time has been consumed. So we’ll appeal to you, the reader. Let’s give these and other business owners some publicity and a fighting chance to add a little something to our town. If you would lke to write for the Whisper, please contact us. Business profiles and othe stories of interest are always welcome. As we drive along the byways in town, we often wonder what’s being made or built behind some of the factories and walls around us. Or who’s idea it was to start a new business.These help our town tick. Be a part of it in letting yoru neighbors know too!

June 1st, 2010

Budget Passes Town Council

by LonSeidman

In one of the fastest budget sessions in recent years, the Wolcott Town Council passed the 2010-2011 annual fiscal budget. By all accounts, the Council held a productive two hour workshop last week which led to tonight’s conclusion. “Everyone worked really well together. Everyone reached a common goal that no one wanted to raise taxes. All 9 Council members had input and asked questions and gave suggestions. The result is a no mill increase through everyone’s hard work,” said Council Chairman Mike Santogatta.

“No party was in it for themselves and everyone was working for the towns people. I am very proud to have been part of it,” said First District Councilman Mike Bokon of the effort. “Me too” echoed Santogatta.

The net effect of the effort was a budget with a .01 mill decrease after the Council slashed the office supply budgets of many departments to the tune of $107,935.00 at their workshop last week. Also slashed was $50,000 in medical insurance, $35,393 in Registrars of Voters wages, $10,000 in police overtime, $13,000 in library repairs and $5,000 in library book purchases. The Mayor recommended an additional $54,227 in expenditures and $70,000 in revenue recommendations to further balance the budget. His cuts affected a variety of areas concentrating on public notices, a computer, parks improvements, conference and training dues, gasoline, fuel and other utilities. “Alot of thought went into all aspects of this,” says Municipal Finance Officer Linda Bruce. The budget passed 8-1. The various cuts likely will force departments to share more resources or come up with creative ways to do without. There was no dissent during the discussion in adopting the budget Tuesday night except for the subject of collecting back taxes.

The Council set high goals on the Tax Collector’s office.

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June 1st, 2010

Council to Set Tax Rate Tonight

by LonSeidman

After two months of hearings, the Town Council is expected to approve the 2010-2011 annual budget tonight at its 7:30 meeting. Yet to be decided is whether or not the tax rate will go up slightly or if portions of the proposed municipal and education budget will be cut to avoid such an increase. A 0.25 mill increase may be possible unless the Council finds $170,000 to cut within the municipal and Board of Education budgets.

According to last week’s Republican-American article, Councilmen were looking at trimming the municipal side of the budget by $170,000. This would affect cuts to the library, medical costs for town employees, maintainance to public works vehicles and other items. Town officials contacted today expect that the mill rate will likely remain the same and the cuts will be made. Where the final cuts are made are yet to be seen tonight, however.

On the chopping block

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