Pizza Place Closes, May Re-Open

by LonSeidman

Goodfellas’ Pizza on Wolcott Rd. has closed again. After being open last year with a tasty Italian flavor, the latest re-start by another resident has again failed. A note on the door says the business will re-open pending new ownership.

Wolcott already has ten pizza restaurants, seven of them on Wolcott Rd. For many years the “one more” pizza place has been a struggle in a town with only 16,000 residents. Adding to the difficulty of opening a new small business in a tough economy is that many small businesses fail in their first year. Advertising and getting brand new customers in the doors is what will give these busineses promise to stay open or to cut their losses within a few months.

At the Whisper, we regret to see Goodfellas’ latest owner give up on his quest and hope the next one will have a better run. After speaking to the owner, we hoped to give him a little spotlight in this space, but even our time has been consumed. So we’ll appeal to you, the reader. Let’s give these and other business owners some publicity and a fighting chance to add a little something to our town. If you would lke to write for the Whisper, please contact us. Business profiles and othe stories of interest are always welcome. As we drive along the byways in town, we often wonder what’s being made or built behind some of the factories and walls around us. Or who’s idea it was to start a new business.These help our town tick. Be a part of it in letting yoru neighbors know too!

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