Markley Testifies Against New Electric Tax

by LonSeidman

At a hearing Tuesday evening in downtown Waterbury, Republican State Senate candidate Joe Markley strongly urged commissioners of the Department of Public Utility Control to block plans to convert a surcharge on utility bills, due for phase-out, into a new tax to fund the bloated state budget.

“The legislature tried to sneak a tax increase by us,” said Markley. “They took a surcharge on our electrical bills which was due to expire—the Competitive Transition Assessment—and turned it into a tax. Instead of cutting the budget, they tried to pick our pockets, hoping we wouldn’t notice.

“It is the height of hypocrisy, exactly the reason so many people are frustrated, cynical, even angry about government. The same politicians who bemoan high electric rates are pushing those rates higher, instead of addressing their addiction to spending. And they do it dishonestly, picking a tax they think they can hide.

“Fortunately, the people are awake, and folks across the political spectrum are standing up against such political shenanigans. What we need is transparency in government: we can’t drain the swamp in Hartford unless the light reaches it.”

Markley said the DPUC is not to blame for the tax, but encouraged them to take a stand against it. “They know it’s bad policy. If they have the courage to say no, I believe the people of Connecticut will stand with them. If they cave in and rubber stamp this outrageous tax grab, residents and small businesses will pay the price, since electricity is not an option but a necessity of our daily life. The utility commissioners have an obligation to do all they can to block a move they know is underhanded and damaging to our economy.

“I pledged long ago to fight any increase in taxes, and what I’ve seen in recent years strengthens me in that resolve. I’ll seize every opportunity I have to oppose tax hikes, especially a job-killer like this one said Markley.

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