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November 18th, 2010

Arrest Leaves Questions on Gambling

by LonSeidman

Wow… we didn’t see that coming…

At first the Waterbury Republican-American ran a story about possible conflicts of interest between Randy Petrorniro’s duties as a Town Councilor and his lawsuits against the town pertaining to his Wolcott Rd. propane business. The article focused on a single sentence of the Town’s ethics code stating that elected officials cannot represent private interests before the town. On the surface, this makes sense, except the article overstated that clause. While we don’t want town officials to cover up, cloud, or profit at the expense of the taxpayers who elected them, the questions raised by the article overstate the general right of the same public official to preserve and maintain their property without the intent to profit from it. As for the merits of the lawsuits mentioned in the article, that’s a different matter.

Then we read news reports of a probe by the FBI, IRS, and State Police of a Hartford area sports gambling ring. At first, it seemd like an interesting but fairly typical day in Connecticut law enforcement. Sports gambling appears to be fairly common in Connecticut with football pools openly displayed in bars and workplaces throughout the state. In fact, gambling of all kinds exist for adults and and tempt children. Bingo, lotto and trips to Foxwoods are just the tip of the iceberg where you can try dropping a dime to make a dollar. Many newspapers even publish an odds column

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November 16th, 2010

Petroniro Resigns from Council

by LonSeidman

After a newspaper article noting his current lawsuit against the town appeared in the Waterbury Republican – American over the weekend, 2nd District Councilman Randy Petroniro has resigned from the Wolcott Town Council. The Town Clerk’s office confirmed receipt of his resignation letter today.

Petroniro owns Musco Fuel on Wolcott Rd. and was a key

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November 16th, 2010

Tonight’s Council Agenda

by LonSeidman

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Council Chambers, Wolcott Town Hall
7:30 P.M.

I. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Attendance

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November 11th, 2010

Wolcott Voting Results

by LonSeidman

You may have learned who won the races statewide already, but did Wolcott pick the winners? Here is how you and your neighbors voted in last week:

Total number of residents who voted: 6520 or 59% of those registered. There are 11,040 registered voters in town.

Referendum Questions:

#1 – School land purchase
YES – 3340 57%
No – 2523 43%
5863 votes, 90% of those voting

#2 – Charter Revision
YES – 2669 52%
No – 2451 48%
5120 votes, 79% of those voting

#3 – Police Commission
YES – 2839 56%
NO – 2254 44%
5093 votes, 78% of those voting


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November 10th, 2010

ARF Honors Erin Ward Tonight

by LonSeidman

Erin Ward, the past Miss Wolcott Outstanding Teen who raised tens of thousands of dollars for the new animal shelter being built in Plymouth will be honored by the organization with a pizza party tonight. The public is invited and the cost is $5 per person. It will be at 5 Guys Flipping Pies on Wolcott Rd.

November 7th, 2010

St. Maria Gorretti Opens Parish Center Today

by LonSeidman

At long last, the new St. Maria Gorretti parish center will officially open after the 10:30 mass this morning. Townspeople and parishioners may tour the new facility which houses classrooms, offices and a workspace. A small bookstore will also be on site for research and information. Having such a store will be convenient for Wolcott’s faithful who otherwise would have to travel to Southington or the small bookstore behind the Immaculate Conception Church downtown.

The new parish center is attached to the opposite end of the church hall from the church itself. Its archietcture almost identically mirrors the original church and was purposely sided with brick for the same reason. The grounds around it were reworked to accomodate parking and trees.

Archbishop Mansell will be celebrating the mass.

November 7th, 2010

Small Change in 80th Recount

by LonSeidman

About 25 people gathered into a busy Town Council Chambers Saturday morning for the hottest race in town: That of our next state representative’s race. Newcomer Robert Sampson edged State Representative John “Corky” Mazurek in election day voting by 37 votes. This triggers an automatic recount because the margin was under one half of one percent of those votes cast.

Four voting machines clicked away as elections workers fed the machines. Republican and Democratic representatives in the gallery chatted as the polling went on, while having a watchful eye on the bags of ballots and the workers poring over them. Security for election materials is of the utmost of importance, as is making sure that every vote is accurately counted.

During the process

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November 2nd, 2010

Wolcott Ballot

by LonSeidman
    Here you can see the ballot you can vote on Nov. 2.

    Wolcott Ballot

November 2nd, 2010

Our Endorsements

by LonSeidman

(or at least the editor’s)
Question #1 (School land Purchase): Yes – a sound investment and much needed investment into Frisbie School. Thankyou to the Town Council, Mayor and Finance officer who watch the books who have made this affordable.

Question #2 (Charter Revision): No – While it provides for replacing an unnafiliated elected official, state laws can provide for this until a more thoughtful and information sharing Revision process can be made. Otherwise, the proposed Charter has no compelling reason to change.

Question #3 (Police Commission): No – We believe in checks and balances, but the language in this proposal appears cluttered as to what complaints should be heard by the commission and which should be solely under the authority of the Police Chief. Currently, the language seems to push the Chief aside. The idea also poses whether or not politics may inject themselves into the police department. Would Commissioners ask for special treatment in a traffic stop? And who would police the commissioners? We acknowledge we’ve had problems over the last few years – big problems – but this is a knee jerk reaction with little discussion to the possible solution. A good Mayor and Town Council with active citizen input are needed to protect abuses, not another layer of government.

State Representative: Robert Sampson – We believe that Rob has the fundamental principles and beliefs in the limits of government while maintaining the fiscal responsibility that we need in State Government. His handling of a real estate firm gives business experience and insight into the state’s housing crisis. Now, at the risk of being quoted in a campaign mailer, we do appreciate Mazurek’s service as well as his openness and straight talk on issues, however his votes late this year to arbitrarily increase the Citizens Election Fund allotment to Dan Malloy by $3 million and a vote to increase the debt in our state are directly contradictory to his past statements. In the past, Mazurek had spoken very strongly against the Election Program before these votes. Sampson will be a solid choice with a friendly and thoughtful demeanor.

State Senate – Joe Markley – His organizational skills and contacts statewide have flourished into the state’s Tea Party movement. His experience as state senator and tax watchdog proves him worthy for the job. Yet, Markley hasn’t decided to wait until elected- he’s already working to reduce ou second-highest in the nation electricity tax – Markley filed suit against the state because the commission instituting yet another tax on our bills doesn’t have the authority. His opponent John Barry, calls the suit “frivolous” which makes us scratch our heads. If elected, we hope Joe can find Barry a job collecting litter along County Rd.

State Treasurer – Jeff Wright – We can’t get enough of the “Cash Cop” and his ads on YouTube. This one gives his credentials, but we also love this one, and this one. Enjoy!
But seriously, Wright is the mayor of Newington which recently proposed a limit on how high taxes can be raised by the local government in one year without voter approval. Wright is a financial analyst and vows not to use his office for social engineering like the current office holder, Denise Nappier. A few years ago, Napppier forbade any state employee from voluntarily making payroll donations to the Boy Scouts because she didn’t feel the Scouts taught her idea of morals. Meanwhile, Connecticut’s state budget is blowing away – Get The Cash Cop Down Here!

Secretary of State – Jerry Farrell – Hs is currently the head of the state’s Dept. of Consumer Protection and annually has given back millions of dollars of unspent budget to the state treasury. He also has reduced his workforce and made his department almost paperless. In his new job, Farrell wants to make the SOTS office a one stop shop for new businesses. Currently, all businesses must register with his office. But instead of just registering, he’ll take notice of what you’re trying to do. Rather than deal with the red tape, he wants to make sure that new pizza restaurants also get state liquor license applications – and contractors know where they have to register rather than bounce all over.

His opponent, Denise Nappier Merrill has been called a “microcosm of irresponsibility” by the Norwich newspaper. Her accomplishment? Giving us $3.5 Billion in debt as the Chairwoman of the legislator’s Appropriations committee. Yes, she’s the girl. Its interesting what she says about it while seeking higher office: Not much, to the surprise of this editorial board.


US Congress, Attorney General, US Senate, Governor.

November 1st, 2010

Mazurek, Sampson Tangle for 80th Seat

by LonSeidman

Go to to see recent articles about this race as well as past letters to the editor and votes. (search the archives)

Self-styled conservative Democrat John “Corky” Mazurek is in yet another battle to represent Wolcott and a portion of the Marion and Plantsville sections of Southington on Tuesday. Mazurek has represented Wolcott for 8 years and was challenged in 2008 by a liberal wing of his own party in a primary. He survived the challenge by just over 80 votes. Two years prior to that he sought to possibly run for an open State Senate seat, but again was blocked by other elements in the Democratic Party. The politics this year have changed for the 4 four term Democrat, however in a more traditional matchup. Of course, most of the district is Wolcott, so nothing is traditional.

This year he is being challenged by local realtor Rob Sampson. Sampson entered the race after being fed up with what he was seeing in Hartford and across the country. “I got tired of yelling at my TV and figured this would be a way to change things,” he says. Sampson brings with him a business background in running a Unionville based real estate firm. Among the reasons he is running is that there is talk, including from Rep. Mazurek that taxes could be raised to balance the state’s projected $2.5 Billion deficit. “There was a budget proposal by Republicans that would not have raised taxes or fees and would have balanced the budget. But Democrats voted against it,” said Sampson at a recent forum.

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