Recall System Leaves Dangerous Cars On The Road

by LonSeidman

Jenn Strathman, Consumer Advocate

Jenn Strathman, Consumer Advocate

Before you hit the road this holiday weekend, make sure your car is in tip top shape by checking it over and checking to make sure parts on the car haven’t been recalled. My investigation for NewsChannel 5 found 70-75% of cars on the road have open recalls. Every recall is a safety hazard, and in Northeast Ohio I’m hearing story after story of drivers buying used cars only to find out they have corroded so badly the car is unsafe to drive.

Wrong addresses, unwilling consumers, and slow recall processes are all to blame for low response rates to recalls. My car was recalled last August, and this January they still didn’t call me to alert me the parts were in. The only reason I got my car fixed, was the check engine light came on which signaled the problem. Who knows how long I would have waited if the problem didn’t surface. I’ve also reported on the delays with fixing the Ford Windstar because of a shortage of parts on the decade old van.

Another problem — the law. New cars can’t be sold with an open recall, but there is no law for used cars. My investigation for NewsChannel 5 found dozens of used cars for sale in with Continue reading…

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