Wolcott Prepares For Storm; Sand bags Available

by LonSeidman

Wolcott’s Mayor and department heads met Thursday morning to review and place the finishing touches on their plan for Hurricane Irene. “We don’t really know what will happen – but we reviewed everything. The Code Red system will be utilized when we need it and will probably put out a message over the weekend. It could be as early as Saturday or sometime on Sunday.” The system will be used if a shelter will be opened. Wolcott has three facilities which can be used for emergency shelters and which ones will be opened will be communicated through the Code Red system. Tyrrell, Frisbie, and Wakelee schools are equiped for that task.

The Code Red system can be utilized by any cell phone or e-mail in town, but residents have to sign up for it. You can find this system here.

Sand bags are available for residents at Wolcott Police Department throughout today. “We have another 400 that will be delivered later today,” Dunn tells the Whisper.

There should be no question that Hurricane Irene will be the most significant storm to hit Connecticut in a generation. With that, emergency responders and town planners are urging residents to collect the necessary supplies as soon as possible. This should include a “GO” bag with other essentials, including a first aid kit, portable radio, some clothing, and water that can be used in case you need to immediately evacuate your home. One can’t predict if flooding or winds can bring down a tree on a home or another emergency occurs necessitating evacuation – or perhaps you may need to assist a neighbor during the height of the storm.

Current forecasts are for a Category 1 or 2 storm bringing 6-10 inches of rain and winds from 60 to 100 mph. Fox 61 meterologists Rachel Frank and Geoff Fox have stressed that our region has already received a significant amount of rain in the last two weeks, so the ground is very saturated as it is. Six to ten inches of rain is the equivalent of two to three months of rain, so flooding will most definitely occur.

All emergency communications will continue to be handled through the police department, although residents should expect that delays may result for water pumpouts, trees down and other routine matters. Routine calls will be handled through (203) 879-1414. 911 of course can be used for any life threatening emergency, fire, or medical problem.

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