Finding a Fee Free Bank

by LonSeidman

Citibank Increases Checking Account Fees
By George Gombossy

Major banks continue to increase fees on their checking account customers.

Fresh off the news that Bank of America is assessing a $5 monthly fee on debit card transactions, Citibank is notifying customers that it is increasing the fees on three of the bank’s checking accounts.

Citibank will begin charging…

Finding a Fee Free Bank – By Jenn Strathman

Jenn Strathman, Consumer Advocate

Jenn Strathman, Consumer Advocate

Now that Bank of America added a $5 monthly fee to debit card users, the game has changed. It’s opened the door for other banks to add fees to checking accounts. It’s a trend we’ve been seeing for the last few years, as banks try to recoup lost fees. The question is — will free banking disappear? For now, there’s no reason to pay to bank. You still have options, and if you don’t exercise those options banks will continue to add fees to accounts because they’ll think it’s okay.

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