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November 30th, 2011

Eagles Advance to Semis

by Christopher O'Brien

WFSB News is reporting that Wolcott’s first appearance in the state championships against Ellington-Somers was an exciting game leading to overtime. Ellington- Somers led the game with Wolcott tying in the 4th quarter 26-26, leading to overtime. The Eagles scored the final touch down to a 32-26 win. They will play Ledyard on Saturday at 2 pm at Middletown High.

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November 28th, 2011

Are You Reporting Your Online Purchase Taxes on Cyber Monday?

by Christopher O'Brien

By Ed Jacovino
Manchester Journal- Inquirer

The state has abandoned its effort to force online retailer Amazon to collect sales tax on purchases, despite a new state law aimed at doing just that.

“We are not that interested in looking at Amazon,” Kevin B. Sullivan, commissioner of the tax-collecting Department of Revenue Services, said this week. “I think that would be counterproductive at this point.”

But Connecticut consumers again will be asked to report their tax-free purchases in their yearly tax filings — state law says they’re supposed to, but few do. And tax auditors will be sharpening their pencils in an effort to catch those who try to skirt the tax, Sullivan said.

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November 26th, 2011

ARF Open House Saturday

by Christopher O'Brien

The Animal Rescue Foundation will be hosting an open house at their brand new shelter at 366 Main Street in Terryville today from 3 – 5 pm.

In addition to touring the facility, a wreath and cupcake sale will be held. Also, Charms for Canines will be on site as will Makendra’s Lemonade Stand.

November 25th, 2011

What Are Your Thanksgiving Traditions?

by Christopher O'Brien

By Christine Stuart
On Thanksgiving morning I wake earlier than usual and stumble my way down to the kitchen to start cooking the candied bacon, baked brie, and green bean casserole—my contribution to the Thanksgiving feast.

While I’m cooking its become a tradition to watch WKRP in Cincinnati’s “Turkeys Away” episode, which always puts a smile on my face and for whatever reason never gets old. Then it’s time to call my parents and make sure my father has turned on the oven. Yes, one year he forgot and it was a very late dinner. Needless to say, it’s a Thanksgiving he will never live down. This year I’m thinking about calling them using Skype, so I can actually see if they remembered to turn on the oven.

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November 24th, 2011

Open Forum: Thanksgiving Football

by Christopher O'Brien

We heard that WATR reported that Wolcott won its annnual Thanksgiving Day game this morning at home against Holy Cross. Does anyone have more details about the game, score?

What other games did you see today?

November 24th, 2011

Alpaca Farm Open House

by Christopher O'Brien

An Alpaca farm in Middletown will be hostin its annual Alpaca Farm Tour this weekend.

Summer Brook Valley Farm will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 am – 4pm. For more information, click here or call the farm at 860-346-7232.

November 24th, 2011

Gov. Malloy’s Thanksgiving Message

by Christopher O'Brien

Gov. Dannel Malloy

As people across Connecticut gather around their Thanksgiving tables this year to celebrate with family and friends, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on where we are and where we aspire to be in our state.
This past year has been a challenging one. We have sent brave men and women to other countries to defend our freedoms. While we’re grateful to welcome some men and women who rejoin their families back home this year, many are still overseas this Thanksgiving, away from their loved ones. Still others have made that ultimate sacrifice, and we honor them and their memories today.
We have endured snow storms of historic proportions and a tropical storm that brought devastation to many communities along our shoreline and river beds.

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November 24th, 2011

Wolcott Legislators Hold Hearing on Home Care Unionization

by Christopher O'Brien

Ron Winter

By Ron Winter

Advocates for the elderly and disabled gathered at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford have voiced their objections to Gov. Dannel Malloy’s Executive Order 10 which provides for – some say requires – the unionization of the home health care aides, and further action is anticipated before week’s end.

Rep. Rob Sampson

While opponents of the order discussed its ramifications inside a hearing room, union representatives who support it made a small showing outside but declined to take part in the more formal discussion.

A week later the issue is still pending, and a state senator who co-sponsored the public information session says he is considering approaching the governor’s office for a face to face meeting on the issue.

November 24th, 2011

Stanley Street to be Blocked

by Christopher O'Brien

Roadwork at the intersection of Woodtick and Wolcott Roads is done, with only some environmental work to be competed where the old road used to be. An environmental engineer tells the Whisper that a small wetland area is being built to replace the one taken when Woodtick Rd. was truncated to merge with the state highway.

Two more sections of the project are seemingly left to be completred, however. The first is the installation of a traffic light. However, reviews of the state’s architectural designs by the Whisper show no mention of a traffic light. Those plans show that a stop sign will be placed at the end of Woodtick Road, and Long Swamp Road will also end as a traffic light. A DOT spokesman has not returned phone calls.

Residents of the Clark Street neighborhood were surveyed by the Town earlier this year as to weather to carry out plans to place a dead end at the end of Clark Street. Many neighbors have complained that motorists had used Clark and Stanley Streets as a cut-through to Bristol. The long straight-away concerned residents that motorists sped too quickly through the quiet neighborhood. Mayor Dunn says that the result of the survey was that residents preferred Stanley St. to be cut off instead.

That work will be completed by the Town of Wolcott. “We’re looking at ways to place a gate or barrier that can be removed in case of an emergency and for snow plowing. But its the neighborhood of the people who live there, and we’ll do what they want. We’ll block that off.” Plans and ideas are currently being reviewed by the town on how best to do that.

Stanley Street was recently lowered at the intersection with Long Swamp in another project last year that widenened the North End road which leads into Bristol. That project improved sightlines, and widened the road. It was funded through a federal stimulus grant.

November 24th, 2011

Sportsman’s Journal: Deer Camp & Cod Fishing

by Christopher O'Brien

By Andrew Pelletier
Hartford Plus

Welcome to the third edition of the Upper Farmington Sportsman’s Journal. November is the month that our nation gives thanks and deer camp and deer hunting is on every sportsman’s mind. For thousands of years, many cultures have hunted and thanked the spirits of the animals that provided them with skins for clothing, bones for tool making and lean meat protein to sustain their people. We’ll take a look at how different cultures have honored and continue to honor the spirits of the game they harvest. We’ll offer up some deer camp recipes and we’ll hit the salt out of Point Judith for some late fall Cod fishing and a chance to fill the freezer with some tasty filets. Throw another log in the stove and pour another mug of java and enjoy the November Deer Camp Edition of Upper Farmington Sportsman’s Journal.


I remember the first bird I ever took while hunting, a hen pheasant. I recall how sobering the moment was, how I thought that there was no such thing as “catch and release” in hunting…

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