Website Connects Storm Cleanup Services With Customers

by LonSeidman

A new website called is giving East Coast residents the ability to quickly name their price and connect with cleanup services after Hurricane Irene. Contractors can also list their information to link up with those needing your services. Anyone who needs tree and cut up work, can place their request on the website which can then be searched by local contractors.

Just after Hurricane Katrina, the company established a designated Hurricane Irene Recovery Center just for that storm. “Fill out the form on the right with what you need done and we will prioritize your job and bring you bids to your email inbox with people who can do the job,” says wesite owner Daniel Sanders.
For residents or businesses who don’t have the time to fill out such a form, you can also send an e-mail to Thumbtack at or call them at 704-848-6285 if you don’t have internet access.

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