O’Leary Endorsed By Rep-Am

by LonSeidman

Neil O'Leary

After about a week’s worth of stories attacking Neil O’Leary’s bid for Waterbury mayor, the city’s daily newspaper endorsed the former Wolcott and Waterbury Police Chief. The articles ran the gamut from an open rift with Hispanic leaders, the possibility of election fraud by a campaign worker, and his innermost thoughts on ‘hating’ the chairman of the Board of Education. We were about to write our thoughts explaining how dangerous such minutely unbalanced reporting on inside baseball matters can be in the hands of the media. But now we ask – has Jarjura been fairly treated? And if things are that bad, what about that DePillo guy?

Or is it all about newspaper sales?

Surely the comments on the Rep-Am’s website will be lengthy, but here’s a taste by “Americal”:

” Interesting…your newspaper breaks the mud filled stories and then you criticize the campaign for being a mud fest. You spent much effort and ink on mud and then blame others for the mud you created. Then, despite the steady hand of mayor Jarjura that guided the city admirably for 10 years, which you yourself acknowledge, and despite what you suggest is Mr. O’Leary’s questionable character,you recommend that the voters elect Mr. O’Leary, and take what you call a risk. Crazy…just plain crazy. The voters would do well to ignore this nonsensical endorsement and stick with the steady hand of a good mayor. ”

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