Republicans Launch Website

by LonSeidman

Town Republicans have launched a website with pictures, platforms and other information about their slate of candidates. At the top of the website is a photo of petitioning mayoral candidate Tom Dunn with the group. While Dunn has declined to endorse the slate, “I agreed to be nice to them, and they agreed to be nice to me,” he told a gathering of supporters while also encouraging them to “vote for the party in the room – and Mike Bokon.”

A group of candidates is running on Row C, which is the same line Dunn will appear on. Any candidate who opts to run as an unnafiliated candidate is place on that line below the established political parties. They can still retain their voter registration with a political party though. Mike Perrone, for instance is a registered Democrat who decided to run on Row C to avoid a primary when three candidates wanted two slots available. He and Bokon are both incumbents. The remainder four candidates on Row C running for Town Council are running similar campaigns to promote more business growth and lower taxes. Republicans are largely aligning themselves as working with Dunn in maintaining stable services and low taxes.

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