Marsella Wins Recount, Council Seats Wednesday

by Christopher O'Brien

First term Councilman Charles Marsella won a recount against fellow Democratic candidate David Gentile for a seat on the Town Council. The recount for the First District seat was held Saturday morning and Marsella garnered 1600 votes to Gentile’s 1592. There was a two vote difference between the recount and the original numbers during the election.

This finalizes the slate of members that will be seated at Council’s organizational meeting Wednesday evening at Town Hall. Mayor Dunn will be sworn in for his fifth term as mayor and the Council will then be seated at 7 pm, in accordance with the Town Charter. No business is expected at the meeting except for the choosing of the Council’s Chairman and Vice Chairman. It is the Chairman who serves as interum Mayor should the mayor be out of town or incapacitated in some way.

Michael Santogatta was the Chairman of the town’s fiscal and legislative body for the last two years, but lost re-election this year.

Of the members on the council who are most likely to be the Chairman, it is difficult to say. Only five of members to be seated are returning from this year’s board and three of those members only completed their first terms.

Only Republican Dave Valletta and Democrat Francis Masi have served more than one term on the Council. Pape has served multiple terms on the Board of Educatioin, but with six members the Chairmanship will be in their hands. Of the newcomers, only Don Charette has experience on any town commission, having sat on the Sewer and Water Commission for several years, as well as other positions. Roger Picard, is a former police lieutenant and was the highest vote getter townwide.

Below is the new roster of Councilmen who will be seated Wednesday night:

italics = incumbant
bold = winners

1st District
1910 – R – Dave Valletta
1647 – R – Jeffrey Slavin
1600 – D – Charles Marsella

1592 – D – Dave Gentile
1530 – PC – Michael Bokon
923 – PC – Adam Hadir

2nd District
2011 – D – Francis Masi
1749 – R – Donald Charette
1687 – R – Rachel Wisler

1495 – PC – Michael Perrone

1363 – D – Tony Gugliotti
912 – PC Michael Scacco

3rd District
2517 – R – Roger Picard
1792 – R – Gale Lanza Mastrofrancesco
1727 – D – Jim Pape
1198 – D – Michael Santogatta
1118 – PC – Joseph Membrino
931 – PC – Alan Dugan

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