Want to Choose The Next President? You have Two Weeks

by Christopher O'Brien

Are you registered to vote yet?
Or are you an unnafiliated voter but want to vote in the Republican Primary in Connecticut?

If you haven’t taken the initiative to get involved, you have to register by January 27th. Registration is easy, and only takes 5 minutes at your local town hall.

Connecticut’s primaries are CLOSED primaries, meaning that only voters registered with a party can have a say in that party’s primary. While Mitt Romney has popular support in Connecticut, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul are gathering more and more interest statewide.

The State Republican Party will be hosting a Straw Poll this Friday at Nuchie’s Restaurant in Bristol. For $20, anyone interested can register their vote for their favorite candidate. The event is a fundraiser for the state party.

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