Severe Weather Expected Today

by Christopher O'Brien

Good Afternoon!

Today’s oppressive humidity is expected to be relieved later this evening, but not before strong and potentially violent thunderstorms move through the area. As of 1:50, Western Massachusetts, and all of Vermont and northern NY State was under a tornado watch area as storms make their way out of Canada and eastward from Central Pennsylvania. At 1:45, a tornado warning was already posted in an area of the Eastern Adirondack mountains.

Fox 61 Meteorologist Geoff Fox isn’t expecting that kind of threat to reach Connecticut, and the National Weather Service is only expecting strong thunderstorms for the Greater Wolcott area today. Yet, these storms can still border on the severe level with heavy downpours, hail and winds.

While last year was the wettest on record for Connecticut, we’ve been very lucky this year only to get sporadic and gentle rains. Yet, here we go again. Be prepared on you drive home and secure anything around the house.

Afterwards, hopefully we can open those windows again to a pleasant and dry nights sleep.

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