Political Roundup

by Christopher O'Brien

McMahon Gains on Shays, Murphy;

Donovan’s Use of State Property Queried;

One Candidate Asked to Drop Out, Another Does

By Chris O’Brien

What a difference a week makes in politics.
Wolcott is in the 5th Congressional District and our current Congressman, Chris Murphy is opting run for an open US Senate seat instead. This has left an open seat with 4 Republicans, 3 Democrats and an Independent working hard for attention. Then enters the FBI. And November’s election is still five months away.

Yet, with an August primary for both parties, voters enrolled in political parties have an opportunity to weed out undesirable candidates and choose the best representative for the November run-off.

US Senate Race
In the US Senate race, Linda McMahon is showing strong gains in the latest Quinnipiac Poll where she faces former 4th District Congressman Chris Shays in an August 14th Republican primary. In March, that same poll showed Shays as the strongest Republican who could take on Murphy in November. In a hypothetical showdown between McMahon and Murphy, the former WWE chairwoman is in a statistical dead heat. More here…

That hasn’t left Shays from garnering some key endorsements from Sen. John McCain. Shays will benefit from a at a Capitol Hill fundraiser tonight where Karl Rove and Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt will also attend.

In related news, a Republican Fairfield attorney and Albanian immigrant, Peter Lumaj, has dropped his bid to make it onto the August primary ballot.

US Congress
There is plenty afoot today in the 5th District race, particularly on the Democratic side. (Although Republican Justin Bernier did appear on a local NPR interview). The three way Democratic Primary race involves House Speaker Chris Donovan of Meriden, political activist Dan Roberti of Kent and former State Rep. Elizabeth Esty of Cheshire. Roberti has shown surprising energy after raising a several hundred thousand dollars and his staffers even campaigned at Wolcott’s Memorial Day parade last week. Yet, some Democrats are trying to push him out of the race and into a State Senate race instead. That seat is being vacated by another candidate for Congress- current Republican State Senator Andrew Roraback. Read about that here.

Chris Donovan’s campaign entanglement with an FBI probe is continuing to raise questions. Donovan also was spotted in town marching with dignitaries in last week’s parade. His finance director was arrested on Wednesday over allegations that he covered up campaign donors.

Yet, the Working Families Party is still standing by their endorsement of Donovan. Other questions are being raised about Donovan’s use of state equipment when addressing the allegations over the weekend.
We also have a story about the background of a legislator answering the door in her bathrobe with FBI agents on the other side. Knock! Knock! Is it the Painters?

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