Lisa Wilson- Foley

by Christopher O'Brien


Lisa Wilson – Foley is certainly one of the most enthusiastic candidates during this year’s race, and it is no wonder that this successful businesswoman and mother of seven is stepping outside of her comfort zone to run for US Congress. Having started a physical therapy business at age 29, she also owns and operates a variety of family friendly businesses in the north Farmington Valley. These include a bowling alley, ice cream shoppe and golf course. Earlier this year, she opened a pharmacy to supply her family’s rehabilitation businesses.

She is married to Brian Foley who runs Apple Rehab facilities around Connecticut and is the mother of a blended family with seven children. It is looking out for the future of her children and the next generation that motivated her to run for Congress. She has touted that her healthcare experience is also another motivation to create change in Washington after the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was enacted.

In 2010, Wilson- Foley ran an unsuccessful bid for Lieutenant Governor, losing to Danbury Mark Boughton with 47% of the vote as a newcomer.


Lisa Wilson Foley draws on her experiences of a small business woman for instituting her proposals if she becomes the next Congresswoman from the 5th District. She supports a Balanced Budget Amendment, and an energy policy that lowers the costs on a family.

Yet, Wilson- Foley more strongly emphasizes her experience in the industry that makes up 1/6th of America’s economy as qualification of why she would be the best in the job. She says that government requirements today are so demanding that clinicians in her therapy practice spend an equal amount of time filling out paperwork and insurance forms as they do actually taking care of patients. Obamacare will make that requirement even worse, driving up costs and limiting time with patients.

For solutions, she is proposing many typical Republican solutions such as allowing insurance to be sold across state lines and tort reform. She wants to maintain Medicare services, but proposes that people can also keep their insurance if they change or lose their jobs.

In other areas, she discusses foreign policy as ensuring a national security interest only, and also advocates for tougher enforcement of immigration laws.

On social issues, Wilson – Foley is pro-choice, but is in favor of parental notification laws, and is opposed to late term abortions.



Wilson Foley has loaned her campaign money, and also is matching donations dollar for dollar.


The Race

For the past two years since running for Lt. Governor, Wilson- Foley has made herself a household name through commercials for Apple Rehab. Voters have become familiar with her marketing strategy that most believed would become a campaign for Congress.

In late 2011, Wilson-Foley’s campaign came under investigation as it became known that former Governor John Rowland was volunteering for the campaign, and also working for pay for her husband’s business. The stated role in Brian Foley’s business was labor relations work between his nursing homes and the workers unions. So far, Ms. Wilson-Foley says she is not herself under investigation and no charges have been filed.

Other candidates have attacked Wilson-Foley for an ad she ran in 2010 where she says that the Affordable Care Act would create jobs in Connecticut. Her opponents say this shows that she supported the AFA. Wilson- Foley disputes this accusation. She told the Whisper earlier this year that many healthcare agencies have been so swamped with government regulations that they often just accept governmental mandates. As a candidate for Lt. Governor, she intended to see how she can make the law work best in Connecticut. She has gone further in saying that Obamacare is a bad law and she would repeal the “worst parts” of it. (some candidates have said certain provisions such as the rule where young adults up to 26 can remain on their parents’ plan).

Roraback and Greenberg launched attacks on Wilson-Foley questioning on whether or not she was a true Republican. In 1996, Wilson-Foley registered as a voter in the Democratic Party in Simsbury. In the 200s, she and her husband briefly moved to Newport, RI where she registered as an unnafiliated voter. Shortly before the Lt. Governor’s run, she switched her affiliation to Republican. The Whisper has confirmed this voter registration with the Simsbury Registrar.

In the last few days of the campaign, Wilson- Foley launched a late attack on Mark Greenberg accusing him of not paying taxes on his real estate properties. They went further by saying there are over 130 different liens on them as well. The Torrington Register Citizen reports that the LWF campaign has been trying to promote this story for several months without any success. Reporters have declined to cover it. In fact, as of August 13th, only the Regiester Citizen has reported on the controversy after the ads began airing on broadcast television.

In the final day of the campaign, Wilson-Foley flooded the airwaves more than any other candidate in promoting her healthcare experience as reason for supporting her campaign.


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