Mazurek Misleads on Breast Cancer

by Christopher O'Brien

Wolcott, Southington, Prospect and Waterbury residents received pink flyers in their mailboxes today. No, it wasn’t requesting a donation on breast cancer research. Instead, it was a last minute ad from State Senate candidate Corky Mazurek accusing Joe Markley of voting against breast cancer screening and rape crisis center funds.

The problem with the ad though, is that it doesn’t attribute which bill Mazurek is refferring to (general practice requires that citation). A search of the General Assembly’s proposed bills has yielded nothing that validates Mazurek’s claim.

One bill – Senate Bill 97, which requires insurance companies to cover breast cancer density screenings at no additonal cost – passed in both the House and the Senate chambers of the General Assembly. Markley voted for it. In fact, no legislator voted against the bill.

Governor Malloy later signed the bill into law on June 15th.

A similar flyer was also sent out by state representative candidate Charles Marcella against current State Representative Rob Sampson. Sampson also was perplexed by the attack. “Why would they think that anyone be against breast cancer screening? I wouldn’t be against this.”

Last minute ads like these are common in contested races where one side hopes the other will not have an opportunity to respond to the claim. The responsible candidate hopes it will make an appeal to undecided voters who might not look closely into the ad.

Since neither ad included a citation, it has been difficult for anyone to determine whether or not the claim is true. A search of the 2010 and 2011 proposed bills has not yielded any validity to the claim. Those are the only two years both legislators have served in the General Assembly thus far.

The two current legislators have voted against the Governor’s budget primarily because it included large increases in spending and included the largest tax hike in state history. They felt that those tax hikes would worsen the state’s economy.

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