Election Never Ends… Ballots Being Counted Again

by Christopher O'Brien

Election moderators convened at Town Hall tonight to empty out bags of ballots to begin counting again. No, there isn’t a contested race from this month’s annual elections. Instead, tonight’s election audit is being conducted to make sure the new voting machines are working accurately. Since the introduction of the voting machines, state lawmakers have required that 10% of all voting precincts in Connecticut are audited to ensure accuracy. Wolcott’s voting district #1 was chosen as part of that audit.

Only those ballots cast at Tyrrell School will be counted. The Whisper will report the results of this audit, and the public can observe the count tonight in the Town Council Chambers. Because each ballot will be counted by hand, the process is expected to take at least four hours. Absentee ballots cast in the 1st Voting District will also part of the count.

For political wonks, observing how the machine counts ballots that are marked twice for the same candidate are of particular interest. The 2012 election had a higher number of cross-endorsed candidates than usual. This caused some confusion among voters who thought they had to color in more than one bubble for the same candidate.

For example, in the US Senate race, Chris Murphy’s name appeared both as a Democrat and on the Working Families’ lines. Linda McMahon’s name appeared both as a Republican and the Independent Party line.

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