Snow and Wind Announce Winter

by Christopher O'Brien

By Chris O’Brien

8-9" of snow kept drivers off the roads after 5 pm Saturday

8-9″ of snow kept drivers off the roads after 5 pm Saturday | Photo: Chris O’Brien

This first significant snowstorm in more than a year left almost nine inches of snow in most of Wolcott Saturday night. While most residents wrapped up their Christmas vacations enjoyed the storm’s beauty, it was a reminder of what a real winter can be like as strong winds whipped flags and plummeted temperatures Sunday night. This snowfalls light talcum powder- like flakes were a welcome relief a storm earlier this week that dropped four inches of snow, ice and heavy rain causing strained backs and broken shovels.

Many of Wolcott’s hilly streets were impassable Saturday night, yet drivers headed in aroudn 5 pm. Wolcott Police Capt. Domenic Angillilo said that there were few problems to report. “One motorist was stuck on Beach Rd, but that was it.” Lakewood Autobody responded for the job overnight Saturday..

Wind blows snow across Charles St. Sunday afternoon | Chris O'Brien

Wind blows snow across Charles St. Sunday afternoon | Photo: Chris O’Brien

“We were really lucky,” said Sgt. Patrick Malloy

Yet, the blowing snow through much of Sunday drifted white clouds of carpet across many streets that could pose a danger tonight and through the rest of the week. Slush and streaks of snowpowder left slippery patches all over town Sunday afternoon. Nichols Rd. had a few of those, as Chasse Ave, Kalko Dr. and some other hills still were still a challenge for motorists without all wheel drive. Black ice is likely throughout the rest of the week.

Center St. | Chris O'Brien

Center St. | Chris O’Brien

This weekend’s weather is a forboding of a true New England winter, something Wolcott hasn’t experienced in two years. With the exception of a freak but powerful October 2011 snowstorm that toppled much of the middle aged trees in Connecticut, no significant snows have affected the area since 2009-2010 which left some buildings in Connecticut with unwelcome skylights. Storms seemed to hit almost every other day that year and many residents purchased roof rakes. Old machine shops with flat roofs collapsed from the weight throughout the state.

Weather for the first week in the 2013 New Year will bring reminders of that season with temperatures staying below freezing and on Thursday the high tempterature may not even make it out of the teens during the day. On the bright side, residents can enjoy those new sleds and snow toys throught the week as no storms are expected at this point through next weekend. After Saturday, temps should return back into the mid and upper 30s again.


Photo: Chris O’Brien

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