Pistol Permit Class Offered

by Christopher O'Brien

A local firearms training group will be sponsoring a pistol permit class on January 27th. This Connecticut Pistol Permit Class is designed for the civilian interested in obtaining a Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers in the State of Connecticut. In the State of Connecticut, in order to obtain a pistol permit, the applicant is required to complete a course on handgun safety. The course will be coordinated by Mark Dressel with instruction at Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance’s Training Center. Range training will be held on the same day. The cost is $100 for the 9 am class. If interested, contact 203-808-2677 or e-mail markdressel@sbcglobal.net. Due to popular demand, be sure to sign up early. A course sponsored by the same group earlier in the month filled up within a few days, so this one was offered.

The main objective of this pistol permit class is to teach the basic skills and knowledge, as well as the proper attitude that is necessary to handle firearms such as pistols and revolvers.   The Connecticut Pistol Permit class that Tacsticks is offering consists of in-depth classroom training to include all shooting fundamentals such as nomenclature of the firearm, ammunition, shooting and range safety, and loading and unloading of a firearm.  This is a practical hands-on learning environment that will include range time with live fire as required by the State of Connecticut.  In addition, the instructors will cover all of the laws pertaining to obtaining a pistol permit in the State of Connecticut.  All material necessary to complete this course, including necessary range equipment, is provided to the student.

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