Town Council To Discuss Bridge

by Christopher O'Brien

The Wolcott Town Council is meeting tonight at 7:30. Among the items on the agenda include a resolution for improvements to Tosun Rd. to the State’s Dept. of Transportation. The town just completed a multimillion dollar project in the industrial area near the Waterbury line to add gas lines, waterlines and improve drainage. One of the last remaining problems with the zone has been access by trucks on the one-way portion of Tosun Road from Route 69. Currently, the curve to the bridge near the state road is too tight to allow trucks to make the turn. Some prominent businesses, including manufacturing firms, towing businesses and Ultimate Services – which provides large trees for various functions between New York and Boston – exist on the industrial road.

The Council also is expected to approve some citizens to the Planning and Zoning Commission, and discuss a CL&P program to improve energy in town.

The full agenda can be viewed HERE.

The meeting is open to the public and will also be broadcast live on Comcast Channel 96. It will repeat over the weekend.


Update: The Town Council briefly approved a resolution acknowledging the completion of the Tosun Rd. project. The bridge proposal was mentioned as a possible improvement several years ago, but was not discussed at the meeting on Tuesday evening.

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