Mayor Dunn: Stay Off The Roads

by Christopher O'Brien

Parking Ban Still In Effect

Police: “We know what roads are still unplowed – we’ll get to you”

Mall closed; Some Onramps Still Closed

Some I-84 onramps are still closed SundayAfter a blizzard dumped 36 inches of snow in parts of Wolcott, the mayor and police department are urging residents to stay home. “There’s nothing open and nowhere to go,” says Police Captain Domenic Angelillo. As of 9 am this morning, State DOT was still working on opening the downtown entrance ramps to I-84 in Waterbury and widening exits to ensure tractor trailers and delivery trucks can exit safely.

Mayor Dunn is urging resident to stay home while the town widens roads. At 10:00 town police responded to an accident on Woodtick Rd. near Wilson Rd. “The roads are only wide enough for emergencies right now and we still have a parking ban in place.” Dunn says that the town will be working on widening the roads throughout the day and that most roads should be cleared already.

The one lane on Brookdale St. is typical of many streets in townWolcott Police reported a relatively quiet day Saturday as most residents complied with Gov. Malloy’s request for state residents to stay home. The only vehicles on Wolcott’s roads were four wheel drive vehicles and plows. “I don’t know if they chose to stay home or couldn’t leave, but I only saw one car on the road all day,” Angillillo said of his Saturday shift. Police are also asking residents not to tie up police or public works lines unless there is a true emergency. They have been receiving numerous calls from residents saying their roads aren’t cleared yet. “We know what roads haven’t been plowed out yet. If there’s an emergency, we will definitely get to you.”

As residents began coping with cabin fever after a blizzard brought the highest snowfall seen in the area in more than a century, complete with blinding snow and a long period of lightning, residents are anxious to do something. Mayor Dunn and the police are suggesting that it is still not prudent to do so. Angillilo suggests the following:

1. Stay Home – Snowpiles at intersections are very high and close to the road. It is difficult to see around them.

2. Only go out if you absolutely need to – few busiensses are open because they are still plowe in themselves

Town Public Works crews are working on moving the piles back and cutting the sight lines at intersections throughout the day. This will require heavy equipment which will block traffic periodically throughout the day.

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