Town Excels in Storm Cleanup

by Christopher O'Brien

By Roy Balkus

Munson Road after the storm | photo: Chris O'Brien

Munson Road 24 hours after the storm | photo: Chris O’Brien

Given the severity of the recent snow storm, and tales of disaster from surrounding towns, the Town of Wolcott Public Works Department did an excellent job dealing with the storm. With depths of almost 3 feet and wind driven snow making for 5 foot to 6 foot drifts the town crews kept streets open for travel. They should be proud of the great job they did in the face of difficult conditions.

This reporter was out at 7:30 AM Monday morning to travel to Farmington to get a part needed to repair a broken snow blower. I traveled through several towns. None appeared to be as well plowed as Wolcott’s.

In an effort to get a broader, more objective view of how well the street department did I spoke with Wolcott Police Sgt. Chris Wihbey. He concurred with my thoughts and expanded on them. “They did an outstanding job,” he said. “By the day after the storm (Sunday) all streets and schools and town parking lots were plowed. All major roadways were open and they were already concentrating on the secondary streets.”

The town crews continued to work through Monday and by Tuesday residents were able to resume normal activities.

Sgt. Wihbey also stated that the only complaints received were from those residents who had already cleared their driveway only to have a plow come by and push snow back into the driveway. This is a “difficult but necessary price to pay for having roads that allow for travel and emergency vehicles if necessary”.

School is in session today (Wednesday) when each every one of our adjacent towns have had to cancel again, another testament to the job done by the Wolcott’s crews.  You will see crews continuing to work as they clear “line of sight at all intersections to make all streets safe for travel”.

We should all be Thankful for the great job done by our town crews.

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