Rt. 69 Reopens After Threat

by Christopher O'Brien
Firefighters Evacuate a Resident

Firefighters Evacuate a Resident

Traffic on Rt. 69 left drivers reeling around the center of town Thursday afternoon after a threat involving a possible bomb at the post office was called in.

At about 4:15, police and firefighters converged to set up a perimeter around the mail facility, closing down Rt. 69, Center St. and Beach Roads. Several homes and Wells Fargo Bank were also evacuated as a precaution.

“I saw everything blocked off and then the firefighters came and told me that I had to evacuate,” said Robert Lanzara, a Beach Road resident leading his young daughter and carrying a son up the hill. Firefighters were going door to door informing neighbors to move back. Emergency personnel gave directions to motorists looking for ways around the center of town on their way to Plymouth and Bristol.As of 5:50, all streets were re-opened and business in the area resumed as usual.

An update will be posted as additional information is made available.

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