Holyland Restoration and Fundraisers Planned

by Christopher O'Brien

HolylandCrossWaterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary and businessman Fritz Blasius are spearheading efforts to purchase Holyland on top of Pine Hill in Waterbury. The once thriving tourist attraction with the landmark lit cross seen for miles along I-84 has deteriorated into shambles by vandals over the past 30 years.

The new owners intend to purchase the property through donations and restore the old and brighter lit cross. The property will be for the community’s use. Volunteers and donations are being solicited for the effort.

A community picnic fundraiser at the Ponte Club will be held this Sunday, August 2tth from 12- 5 pm. Minimum $25 donations will be accepted. Tickets are being sold at all Frankies’ and Big Franks locations, at Blasius Chevrolet, or at the entrance to the picnic on Sunday.

On Thursday morning at 8:30 am, Holyland Board member Jennifer Rose will discuss the efforts to restore Holyland on 1320 AM WATR.

Donations and more information can also be found at www.holylandwaterbury.com .

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