Town Treasurer- Three Quality Candidates in Open Race

by Christopher O'Brien

clipArt_moneySymbolRoger Levesque will be retiring as Town Treasurer this year. As we result, three respected men have thrown their hats into the ring for the position. In our view, each one is qualified in their own right. For a change, its nice to have such a tough decision between candidates that are well known and have good qualifications. It will be up to voters to decide who has the best ideas or qualifications for the office.

Profiles appear as they are listed on the ballot: Anthony Marino (R), David Gentile (D) and George Phelan (PC).

Tony Marino (R)

Tony Marino (R)

Anthony Marino (R)

What would I do differently than the current treasurer?

Let me start with what I would do the same. Roger Levesque has been in office for about 17 years.  Roger has made the office non-political. I will continue to run the office in a non-political and professional manner.

When researching the job of treasurer, it became clear that the duties and responsibilities of the office for the most part are governed by state statutes. It is important to operate the office in a consistent and efficient manner. Job training and work instructions for every duty will be documented.

The first most important duty of treasurer is in the hiring of a deputy treasurer, to that end I tried to get a job description of the deputy treasurer, only to find out there is none. I see the need to document the daily duties of office so that cross training job responsibilities are clearly defined.

Secondly, mistake proof the transactions between departments to eliminate waste. If you ever tried to balance a check book and the account did not balance, you can spend countless hours looking for the error; just imagine managing several dozen accounts.

Thirdly ensure that the town is not paying any money to banks or financial institutions for our checking accounts. In fact look to keep our monies in interest bearing accounts when ever possible.

Fourth, continually monitor the town investment funds to ensure the investments are yielding what the markets are doing. Move funds upon advice of the town’s investment advisors.

Lastly, prepare and present financial reports to the Town Council and Board of Education so they can make better financial decisions. Also update the community via our town website as to our financial picture.

To summarize my answer as to what I would do differently – standardize office policies and procedures, mistake proof interoffice communications, looks for opportunities to leverage liquid assets as well as long term assets, and finally to improve overall communications  with town officials as well as the community.


Why am I running?

I am running because I feel I would make an excellent Treasurer. I believe my experience both in business and my work on numerous boards and commissions in town has prepared me well.  Further, now that I am retired I have the time to make the position my top priority this separates me from the other candidates because both will continue to work their full times day jobs this will make it difficult for them to give the office the attention we as taxpayers deserve.


Why is there so much interest?

Not sure I can only speak for myself for me now is the perfect time as I am recently retired and have the time, talent and experience a give back to my community which has been so good to me and my family.

David Gentile (D)

David Gentile (D)

David Gentile

Profession: Controller and Computer systems designer at All Pointe Care, LLC for over 30 years.

Why he is running: “I’m confident that I have the unique combination of business and government experience that make me the clear choice for Treasurer.”

Government Experience:  4 terms (8 years) on the Town Council including two terms as Vice Chairman. He served as the Chairman of the Wolcott’s Finance Committee for six years. The Finance Committee is comprised of members of the Town Council (which is the town’s Financial Board), Board of Education, Mayor, Treasurer and the town’s Finance Office. The Finance Committee is charged with making important prospective decisions on the Town’s finances, bonds, and investments. He also served on the Council’s Back Tax Committee.

Civic Organizations: He is a founding member and current Board Member of the Wolcott Circle of Sports. Previously, David has served as the President and Treasurer for that organization for 3 and 7 years respectively. He is also a member of the Farmingbury Hills Golf Association and former Chairman of the Wolcott Democratic Town Committee. He is a former Jaycee and coach of the Wolcott Micky Mantle, Koufax and Reese travel teams.

Personal Life: David has lived in Wolcott for 55 years and is married to Attorney Renee Gentile. He has three children who have all graduated from Wolcott High – Jennifer, Amy & Anthony. He also has two stepchildren Sara and Matthew Fahey. His son-in-law’s Jeff Miller and Max Rossi also live in town.


George Michael Phelan (PC)

Occupation: Owner/Operator of Gene Parker Tool & Die Welding in Wolcott; Technology Education Teacher at North End Middle School in Waterbury, CT

Why am I running for this office:  To continue the fiscal philosophy that the retiring Treasurer, Mr. Levesque, and I both share!

What skills or talents make me the ideal candidate for this position?  My 31 years as the owner of a successful town based business along with my    experience as Treasure in a multitude of capacities make me the optimum choice!

  • Treasurer of the Wolcott Lions Club Fair (Carnival) for 2 years
  • Treasurer of the Wolcott Lions Club (twice)
  • Treasurer of  3 political campaigns
  • Interim Treasurer of the Wolcott Democratic Town Committee
  • Treasurer of the Democrats in Action (for the past 10 years)

And last but not least, as I stated before, I am the owner/operator & chief financial officer of Gene Parker Tool & Die Welding and have been since 1982.

Something about myself:  I have always given to the town of Wolcott in one capacity or another.  That’s my hobby. Here are but a few of my examples.

  •  Placing flags on the graves of known veteran’s in the town’s cemeteries for Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day (when I was 12 & 13).
  • Coaching at B.A.W.
  • Leader of Webelo Scouting
  • 28 years as an active Wolcott Lions Club member
  • Charter member of the Wolcott Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Men’s Auxiliary
  • 41 year member of Corporal Coyle Post #1 American Legion


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