Candidates for 1st District Town Council

by Christopher O'Brien

vote clipartThe Town Charter requires that Town Council members live in each of the three voting districts in town. ALL voters can vote for candidates in EACH of the three voting districts. Thus, if you vote at Wakelee School (3rd District), you can still cast votes for candidate in the 1st and 2nd Districts.

There are four candidates running for the 1st District Town Council. You may vote for any two.

The candidates are: David Valletta (R), Jeffrey Slavin (R), Chuck Marsella (D), and Richard Irwin (D). Their profiles appear as they appear on the ballot from top to bottom.

Jeff Slavin (R)

Jeff Slavin (R)

Jeffrey Slavin (R)


Biographical: Married to his wife, Rose. They have two sons (Michael 26 and James, 20) a daughter (Michelle, 23) and step daughter Laura Denny (23).

Experience: 2 years on the Town council serving on the Elected Officials Salary, Finance, Open Space and Accounting Firm Review Committees.

Education: Holy Cross HS Class of 1976

Why I’m Running for re-election:

As a representative of the hard working population in Wolcott, I hope to continue to be there voice on town decisions that will help keep Wolcott moving forward. If reelected, I commit to continuing to work with our Mayor, his excellent staff and all the departments supporting our town in a non-adversarial capacity, while keeping one eye on our town residents pockets and, one eye on the excellent services the town delivers to its residents every day. As councilman, I want to continue as an advocate for both the residents and, our towns financial well-being.

Wolcott is a close-knit town with wonderful residents who care very deeply for each others’ best interests. It has been an honor to serve the residents of this town in the capacity  of a Town Councilman and it would be my privilege to serve our residents for an additional two years.

Dave Valletta

Dave Valletta

Dave Valletta (R)

Occupation: Wolcott Police dispatcher; former cabinetmaker for 30 years.

Current Position: Chairman, Town Council

Why I’m running: I’m running to continue the good works we have been doing for all the residents of town. My willingness to work with people make me an ideal candidate for the council, as the members can change every 2 years. I collected baseball cards, and have thousands of them for my kids.We are also big

Atlanta Braves fans. Here we are in Atlanta last April.


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