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November 3rd, 2013

Tax Collector’s Race Gets Personal

by Christopher O'Brien

clipArt_moneySymbolWithout taxes, little else can get done. If revenues slide below the projection placed in the Town budget, then road paving, hiring, and other operations are put on hold.

This year two women are asking for your vote for Tax Collector. Both already hold key positions in Town Hall, although neither has ever run for elected office before now.

IMG_0002The tax collector doesn’t simply send out bills and oversee a small staff to process returns. They also try to work with residents who cannot pay their taxes to ensure what is owed is actually paid. “We often work with people who are facing financial hardship. But sometimes we have to get tough and go after them with collections agencies or levy a tax warrant,” says current tax collector Cheryl McQueen Brundage. Brundage is running on her 7-1/2 years of experience in the tax office – one and a half of which overseeing the department.

Her opponent, Darlene Dunn, says that services in the tax office can be enhanced.

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