36 Hour Fund Drive Begins Today

by Christopher O'Brien

GiveLocalTwo Wolcott based organizations and dozens throughout the Greater Waterbury area will benefit from a 36 hour fund raising drive beginning today and ending Wednesday at 7 pm with your support.

The initiative called “Give Local” can be accessed throguh the GiveLocal CCF website. Thy Eagle’s Nest – a group that provides clothing and furniture for over 600 families in the Wolcott area, as well as LISA Inc. – which assists young women to develop better academic and social skills

Those organizations range from local food banks to animal rescue groups; from libraries to arts, culture and econmic development. There are several physical and mental health and social service groups as well.

All are local non profits that give back to the community. One of the added incentives of this fundraising marathon is that many donations will be matched 100%.


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