Post Traumatic Stress Forum for Veterans

by Christopher O'Brien

A forum for veterans as well as family members will be heldin Bristol on Tuesday, November 19th. As many as 76% of returning veterans may exhibit symptoms of stress related to military service. The discussion will help veterans and family recognize and be aware  of health issues that can occur with  reintergration, with a focus on the warning signs of PTSD and depression.  The Panel will include recently returned Veterans, Family  Members and Counselors. Intended for  Veterans, Service Members, and their  Families.

The session is free, although attendees should RSVP by November 14th. They can contact the Army Strong Community Center at 860-584-6258 or 860-584-6257. The session will be from 6:30-8:00 pm in meting room #2 at the Bristol Library at 5 High St.

For more information about the Army Strong Community Centers’ resources and support programs, please click on their website HERE. Their programs are designed for servicemembers of ALL branches of the military, veterans, retirees, and their families. Connecticut also has resources through the Rocky Hill Veterans’ Home and the Department of Mental Health. Connecticut state law allows servicemembers to seek any assistance at ANY medical providor or facility. Unlike other states, they cannot be turned away and are not required to seek treatment through the VA system first. For any servicemember who may find themselves arrested as a result of symptoms of service related stress, Connecticut also has diversionary programs to assist those veterans if they qualify under certain conditions. More about resources and information can be obtained from this forum and the above resources. –  Wolcott Whisper

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