Beach Road Fire Stopped Fast During Icey Storm

by Christopher O'Brien

CIMG0879By Chris O’Brien

Despite piles of snow, an icey rain and 40 mile an hour winds, Wolcott firefighters were able to prevent a basement fire from claiming a Beach Road home Thursday evening.

Around 9 pm, volunteers were first dispatched to an alarm at Wolcott View Manor on Beach Road. A few minutes later, a second call was received from 249 Beach Road for a fire in the basement. Fire trucks responding from Companies 1 and 2 to Wolcott View Manor continued up the road and were on the scene moments after the call was received.

Seven pieces of apparatus responded in case the fire spread.

Seven pieces of apparatus responded in case the fire spread.

“I was just leaving Wolcott View when this call came in,” said Deputy Chief Larry Rossi.

Clothes and newspapers were all that burned, causing smoke throughout the house. The cause of the fire is unknown tonight and the Fire Marshall is investigating, says Rossi.

If not for the proximity of responders and well groomed roads at the time, the situation could have been much worse.

Firefighters use high powered fans to air out the home. The family is able to remain in their home tonight. No one was injured.

Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance Association also responded to the scene in case they were needed. Four engines, Company 3’s ladder truck and Company 2’s Rescue unit responded. Volunteers from Company 1 accessed a fire hydrant at the corner of the property.

Public Works was ready to sand Beach Place

Public Works was ready to sand Beach Place

As firefighters packed up their houses, lightning flashed across the west side of town and icey pellets rained down as the third part of today’s storm began ramping up. Public works crews dropped sand on Beach Place where hose water began icing the road.

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