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February 19th, 2015

What’s a Catholic to do for Lent?! Pope Francis’s Tips

by Christopher O'Brien

By Kevin Cotter
Every year Catholics try to answer the age old question: What should I do for Lent? Well, who better to pick for as your Lenten spiritual director than Pope Francis? He has some great ideas for you!

Here we selected 10 of his best tips:

1.  Get rid of the lazy addiction to evil

“[Lent] is a ‘powerful’ season, a turning point that can foster change and conversion in each of us. We all need to improve, to change for the better. Lent helps us and thus we leave behind old habits and the lazy addiction to the evil that deceives and ensnares us.” – General Audience, March 5, 2014


2.  Do something that hurts

“Lent is a fitting time for self-denial; we would do well to ask ourselves what we can give up in order to help and enrich others by our own poverty. Let us not forget that real poverty hurts: no self-denial is real without this dimension of penance. I distrust a charity that costs nothing and does not hurt.” – Lenten Message, 2014


3.  Don’t remain indifferent

“Indifference to our neighbor and to God also represents a real temptation for us Christians. Each year during Lent we need to hear once more the voice of the prophets who cry out and trouble our conscience. God is not indifferent to our world; he so loves it that he gave his Son for our salvation.” –Lenten Message, 2015


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February 18th, 2015

by Christopher O'Brien

Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson, right, and Norwalk Fire Chief Denis McCarthy. Photo: Hugh McQuaid

By Hugh McQuaid | CTNewsJunkie

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission wrapped up more than two years of work Friday by accepting its report on the 2012 Newtown murders and making a plea to policymakers to adopt its recommendations.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy created the panel of education, mental health, law enforcement, and safety experts to report on the Dec. 14, 2012, murders of 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The group made final changes to the report Friday and will meet next month to send the finalized version to the governor.

The more than 250-page document contains recommendations to further tighten Connecticut’s firearm regulations, harden the security of schools, and improve insurance coverage and access to behavioral health programs.

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February 18th, 2015

Malls Offer Exercise Alternatives to Snowbanks

by Christopher O'Brien

With wind chills hovering well below zero and snow and ice piled high just about everywhere, it is a tough season for joggers and walkers.

The dangers of trudging along snow snarled streets is plainly evident, and every so often tragedy reminds us of the degree of danger. mallwalkers

Just over two decades ago, at age 33, a local television reporter at the pinnacle of her career, a popular, talented reporter for New Haven’s WTNH, was killed after being struck by a car while jogging in mid-March.  Ellen Abrams was “facing traffic while jogging west on the side of snow-banked Frog Hollow Road in Ellington,” according to published reports at the time.

Tragically, it would not be the last fatality involving someone looking to get some exercise on local roads before the snow banks had receded.  Last month, police in Torringtonreported that a jogger was fatally struck by a snowplow.

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February 17th, 2015

Malloy Looks to Cut Sales Tax; Eliminate Exemptions

by Christopher O'Brien
Hugh McQuaid, photo

Hugh McQuaid, photo

By Hugh McQuaid | CTNews Junkie

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy called for lowering the state sales tax and scrapping certain exemptions during a Sunday morning television appearance. According to a spokesman, the change will boost revenues by $68 million next year.

During an interview on WFSB’s “Face the State,” Malloy said the budget proposal he unveils next week will include a two-step cut in the state sales tax. If approved by the legislature, the tax will drop from 6.35 percent to 6.2 percent in November. The rate would decrease to 5.95 the following year.

The sales tax “will be the lowest it’s been since 1971,” Malloy told Dennis House, the show’s host. “I think it’s a way to give some relief to the middle class, as the economy is improving. I’m proud to present this as a proposal to the legislature. My budget will assume this is happening.”

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