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November 2nd, 2015

Taxes, Contracts, and Management

by Christopher O'Brien

There are two major issues being played out between Republicans and Democrats this election season. Both issues deal with issues of transparency, honesty, and the performance of elected officials outside of the campaign season.

Tomorrow, you the voter will decide whether those involved with those issues deserve a second chance, or should be voted out of office and we allow a new set of residents to make future decisions.

It is refreshing to have an honest discussion about the issues in this year’s municipal elections. We have heard from the candidates- and their profiles are being played on WLCT 96 which can be viewed on the town website, . (Click on any underlined words on the Whisper to be directly linked to relevant pages).

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November 2nd, 2015

How Wolcott’s Government Works… What does that Commission Do?

by Christopher O'Brien

Local politics are often the most personal engagement with our democratic form of government any of us will ever encounter. While the race for President is the best covered on television, very few of us will actually get to meet a presidential candidate. On the other hand, we’re likely to know the Mayor on a first name basis, bump into a Board of Education member at Pat’s or Walsh’s IGA’s, and someone on the Town Council or Zoning Board will be coaching our kid’s soccer team, be standing behind us at Dunkin Donuts or be in the church choir. But do you know what that commission does, and may impact your life in Wolcott?

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November 2nd, 2015

2015 Election Guide

by Christopher O'Brien

Welcome to our 2015 Election Guide. Below is the list of articles and references that can assist you in choosing the candidates that will represent you for the next two years.

If you are new to the Whisper, we should inform you that any word with a dotted line under it is a link. In this post, each link will bring you to the article or item you are looking for. For example, clicking on item #1 Sample Ballot will you bring you to the sample ballot on the State Secretary of State’s website. Also, if you haven’t found us on Facebook or Twitter, please connect to join the conversation.

Oh, two more things. On the Home Page, you’ll find only the first 2-3 lines of an article. Click “Read More” to read the rest of the ariticle. Feel free to leave comments on any post – this is entirely free and there’s no subscription required-  although you can sign up for our news to be delivered conveniently to your email box.

1. Sample Ballot  (click on the words with the dotted underline to be linked to the ballot)

2. Candidate Profile Video

3. Candidate profiles – by office

We apologize, our file was corrupted and unavailable. Please watch the profile video.

4. How does Wolcott’s government work.. and What am I voting for?

5. Two Issues: Taxes, Management and Contracts – Discussion on the issues of the campaign

7. Letter: Republicans Keep High Standards on BOE

8. Our View- a few endorsements