Donald Trump’s Convention Con

by Christopher O'Brien

By Mickey Edwards | Politico
Donald Trump is likely on the verge of losing the Republican primary, falling short of the number of delegates required to win the presidential nomination. But, as bullies are wont to do, Trump is now trying desperately to change the rules—to argue that the nomination should go not to the candidate who wins 1,237 delegates but to whoever comes closest.

What’s wrong with that argument? Electing a U.S. president is not a schoolyard game, where goalposts change when bullies whine. There’s a reason a candidate has to make it to 1,237 votes to win the nomination. Each party’s goal is to put forth a nominee whom the party’s members, represented by their elected delegates, believe will best reflect the party’s collective judgment—a determination possible only when the level of support is clear and convincing. That’s why both parties set a benchmark, the political equivalent of the tape at the finishing line of a race, sufficient to establish the party’s preference. In a hundred-yard dash, a runner who beats the others but who can only manage 95 yards doesn’t go home with a medal.

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  • D. Potter

    When did the Wolcott Whisper switch from local happenings to political editorial?
    Time to unsubscribe

    • Christopher O’Brien

      The Wolcott Whisper has run editorials on local and state issues in the past. However, you are correct that focus is on Wolcott news and State news that is not otherwise available.

      Connecticut’s Presidential Primary will be on April 26th. That is less than a month away. Local Republicans and Democrats will have their say on the most important elected office in the country. We will be providing more information on individual candidates in the upcoming month. Our focus will be on candidates’ policies and ability to lead as President if they are elected. From time to time, we will run well written editorials that we think may be worth considering for our readers.

      After April 26th, you’ll see our focus come back to Wolcott and the area.

      We do regret our ability to write original articles has diminished over the past two years except at election time. We have always welcomed guest articles and will provide a place for local journalists to submit news as well. Simply contact us at or 203-558-5817