Conneticut Primary Ballot Announced

by Christopher O'Brien

vote clipartSecretary of State Denise Merrill announced which candidates will be on the Republican and Democratic ballots for the state’s April 26th Presidential Primary.

(By the way, if you like to vote, Connecticut will hold ANOTHER primary in August if more than one member of a party is seeking the same seat in Congress, US Senate, or the State legislature)

Connecticut’s primary is a closed primary, meaning that voters must pre-register with the party whose primary they intend to vote in. New or unaffiliated voters who wish to participate in either of the primaries must be registered with that party on or before April 20th by mail or April 25th in person. The deadline for party members to switch to a different party has already passed.  Any 17 year old resident who will turn 18 on or before November 8th can also vote in this month’s primary.

In addition to voting for a candidate, voters may alternatively select an “uncommitted” option which conveys that their delegates should be unbound at the convention and can vote for whom they think would be best. Or, the message of an “uncommitted” vote could be the equivalent of “none of the above”. Otherwise, each of Connecticut’s delegates would be bound to whom the voter binds them to for at least the first vote at the respective party conventions.

Democrats will have three candidates to choose from. This is the order how the options will appear:

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente

Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders



Republicans will have these options in this order

Ted Cruz

Ben Carson

Donald J. Trump

John R. Kasich



The Secretary of State’s office issues an informational release that “The presidential primary does not directly select actual delegates to the national party conventions. Rather, it determines the number of delegate positions allocated to each Presidential candidate, statewide and/or by Congressional District as the case may be.”

Each party allocates delegates based on proportional as well as how candidates fare on Congressional and statewide votes.

Republican Chairman J.R. Romano has advised the Wolcott Whisper that Republican candidates will choose who their delegates will be, in connection with the state party.

Republicans will allocate 28 delegates and Democrats will have 71 delegates.

Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland will also vote April 26th.


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