GOP Candidate Interviews

by Christopher O'Brien

vote clipartRegistered Republicans will go to the polls on Tuesday to elect their preferred nominee for President. 28 delegates are at stake. Most recent polls suggest that each of the three candidates are likely to receive delegates. The question is how many. If Ted Cruz receives more than 20%, he’ll likely get 3 delegates. (Polls range from 17-21%). Kasich is polling in the high 20s which would result in at least 4 delegates. If Donald Trump receives more than 50%, he’ll get all 28 delegates- but if not, he’ll only get a proportion. His polls range from the low 40s to about 51%.


Unaffiliated and new voters have until noon on Monday to register – in person – at Town Hall. 17 year olds can vote as long as they turn 18 on or before November 8th.  WTNH has some resources to verify your eligibility and your voter location: WTNH Voter’s Reference Guide

We’re providing links to voter guides and interviews with all three candidates here below and later today.

Family Research Council’s Voter Guide on Family oriented issues:

Politifact: Ascertains the truth or untruth of many of the candidates’ statements. They have their own biases, but can give a guide to what has been said.

John Kasich

Ohio Governor and former Congressman John Kasich sat down with the Hartford Courant last week. The paper is considered a liberal-leaning publication and they certainly inserted their liberal social views in the interview. Despite often saying that social issues are insignifcant in Connecticut, five of their questions dealt with those issues. The discussion covered Connecticut’s business climate, his record on guns in Congress and as Governor, abortion, the tone in Washington, and how his faith influences his policies.

Here is an interview he did with the Washington Post last week. You can also listen to the interview on the same link. Topics include the campaign tone, delegate strategy, job strategy in Ohio, tax policy and balancing the budget, Energy policy, climate change, crime, search and seizure with technology, freedom of information, immigration, Syrian refugees, black lives Matter with relation to issues in Cleveland, foreign policy and Russia.,


Ted Cruz

Self-styled Constitutionalist Senator Ted Cruz has called his own party leadership names and been highly critical when they acquiesce to President Obama on important consrevative issues. He served as Texas’s lead attorney for five years where he defended the rights of Texans on many different issues- often working with other states to bring cases to the US Supreme Court. Nearing the end of his first term in the US Senate, Cruz authored a bill banning terrorists from being accepted as ambassadors to the UN or US. Iran was about to do exactly that and the bill passed unanimously.

Ted Cruz- ten key issues by PBS:Ten Key Issues

Last week he held a Town Hall forum on ABC’s Good Morning America:


Donald Trump:

The New York businessman sat down with the Washington Post earlier this month illuminating his positions on foreign policy, economics and a host of other issues. Like the Kasich interview, the one hour interview can be heard in its entirety or by transcript.

Here is the Post’s editorial impression of the interview:

Editorial Board Transcript and Video (top of the page):

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