Our Democratic Endorsement: Senator Sanders

by Christopher O'Brien

Here at the Whisper, we pride ourselves in doing deep background on candidates. This year’s election is no different, except for the interesting types of people who have thrown their hat into the ring for our nation’s top job. To be fair, we have three branches of government with checks and balances. Yet, throughout the history of our Republic, the Presidency has a unique position of power. He (or she) commands the military and its nuclear weapons, engages in diplomacy among nations, appoints Supreme Court and other federal justices, manages a sprawling beauracracy of over 3 million employees that must provide services of justice and fairness to all Americans. These are just part of a few of the tasks of President. The rest are laid out in the Constitution or been acquired over the decades.

Let’s first start with the Democratic nomination. 78 Delegates are at stake, all awarded proportionately. A large win could help the underdog overcome the odds, or force him to consider the purpose of his campaign. A close win probably won’t change much at all.

In the past we have not hidden our conservative views, but in choosing our endorsement we examine the candidates and their ability to lead our country – especially those non-Democrats – as well as fulfill the platform and progressive wishes of the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton is a nearly-life long Democrat with long tenure of government service, mostly alongside her husband, former President Bill Clinton. The spectre of dynasty is not lost on the Democratic Party, and to be fair, Republicans have had their two Presidency dynasty already. Democrats would only now. Hillary has been a long advocate of universal healthcare, a dream now envisioned by President Obama’s signature law. She started that ball rolling. She has fought to maintain abortion rights, talks about the poor.. but in this election has really not proposed anything new.

She does however have a more grounded perspective on our nation’s ability to pay for the “free” services her opponent, Bernie Sanders proposes.

Mr. Sanders’ proposals are much more nuanced. His following is largely of the younger generation, which has affectively bouyed his candidacy from obscurity into a nationwide popular movement. It is also the generation that elected President Obama twice and is a force. If you follow the timeline of our current President’s policies in providing universal healthcare, Mr. Sanders is the next logical choice.

Mr. Sanders presents an interesting platform of college tuition and taking healthcare to another level. We don’t agree with either position as it would radically transform the country. As far as we can tell he is an honest person passionate for the American people. He notes he is a Socialist, although coming from a Vermont background, he so far has defended some gun rights. During his most recent stop in Connecticut, he criticized Governor Malloy for cutting funding for mental healthcare. We believe Mr. Sanders has his priorities in order. Our only question is how he can pay for them, and if Americans have the stomach to do so.

Ms. Clinton has had a mixed record as Secretary of State, failing to protect or acknowledge failings in the Bengazhi affair which is sure to be a key issue in the General Election. She further has yet to be forthcoming in securing her e-mail records. Her record with her former President leaves behind a soap-opera wake of suicides, murder, scandal, and the like. The Clinton Foundation has become yet another interest group with questionable practices.

It is refreshing to hear Senator Sanders speak with honesty and clarity on many issues. He doesn’t mince words. He appears true to his beliefs- even if we disagree they are the best for the country. He has a record of working across party lines, including improving Veterans Health Care alongside Marco Rubio.

A breath of honesty and true compassion is missing from American politics. That alone allows us to endorse Senator Sanders for President.

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