Man Loses Gun on Trail

by Christopher O'Brien
Mill Pond Trail goes around Scovill Reservoir

Mill Pond Trail goes around Scovill Reservoir

A local man may face charges after falling on the Mill Pond Trail Friday afternoon. A passerby called 911 after finding the man having trouble getting off the ground while walking a small dog near the Munson Rd. parking lot. When Wolcott Police and Ambulance personnel arrived, they found the man smelled of alcohol and also had an empty gun holster on his belt. The gun slipped out when the man’s beagle pulled too hard on its leash. “He went down a couple of times,” Police Chief Edward Stephens said.

The man was taken to a local hospital while Police searched the area. Two metal detectors were brought in and a .22 caliber revolver was recovered in the same area where he had fallen. Police are not releasing his name pending the conclusion of their investigation. However, they say that he has a legal Connecticut pistol permit which was also seized, along with other guns in the man’s home. All of the firearms are legally registered.

Stephens says that officers are applying for an arrest warrant and expect to charge the man with reckless endangerment and carrying a firearm while under the influence.

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