Saturday Presidential Roundup

by Christopher O'Brien

If you haven’t made up your mind on the Presidential election, you’re not alone.

Through interviews, we’ve found many voters still fraught with the choice of two popular -and also unpopular candidates, and trying to determine if there is an alternative. Each day until the election, we will attempt to provide links on the news of the day for each of the most plausible 5 Presidential candidates. Four are on the ballot in Connecticut, and a write-in candidate has a probability to earn electoral votes.

First, we’ll briefly highlight the event of the day for each campaign. Then, we’ll cover a policy issue for each. Finally, we understand that some folks might weigh their decision between two candidates based upon polling data. We’ll provide the approximately projected Electoral Vote count nationwide.

Remember, that there are 51 separate elections occurring for President. Each decides which candidate will receive the Electoral Votes for those state jurisdictions. Connecticut has 7 electoral votes. On January 6th, 2017, the Electoral Vote results will be counted by Congress. The candidate who reaches at least 270 Electoral votes becomes President.

However, there is a wrinkle in that provision. According to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution, should there be a tie or no candidate reaches 270, then the House of Representatives will decide the election of President from the top 3 candidates receiving Electoral Votes. The Senate will decide upon the Vice President from the top two candidates. This occurred only once, in 1834.

Below are links to each of the candidates’ websites, as well as highlights of the most recent news events for each candidate.

Quote of the Day:
Donald Trump told Bret Baier of Fox News of the threat independent candidate Evan McMullin’s campaign has in Utah: “this character that’s running all over the state … going from coffee shop to coffee shop.”
McMullin responds: “The funny thing is a lot of people in Utah are Mormons, and they don’t drink coffee,” he said. “So, we’ve done zero campaigning in coffee shops. If Donald Trump were truly interested in the state and in the voters, he might know a thing or two about that.” – Politico

Presidential Race Highlights


How a candidate you’ve never heard could become President (Oct. 13th – FiveThirtyEight)

An introduction to Evan McMullin – ABC News (ABC News)


Why 5% for Green Party is a Win for America – MSNBC

“Hillary Clinton is the Queen of Corruption” – Bloomberg

Weld Disinvited by Rhode Island Libertarians
Johnson Campaigns in Oregon

Policy: Stein on Student debt, Health Care, Foreign Affairs, Campaign Finance (PBS)


Clinton’s Path to Election Day: Plans, Luck, and Self-Inflicted Wounds

Latinos Surging for Clinton?


Trump Addresses Catholics

Melania Trump joins Campaign Trail: Addresses Bullying

Policy: All links to “On the Issues” website with quotes and references by subject

Hillary Clinton
Gary Johnson on the Issues

Evan McMullin

Jill Stein

Donald Trump

Polls and Analysis
4-Way Prediction: Why 3rd Party Candidates’ drop Nearing Election Day (Oct 17th – FiveThirtyEight)

Map Moves Towards Trump (Washington Post)



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